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Paperwork. Time tracking. Filings. Deadlines. – Your day is busy. Because your work keeps you moving, your law office doesn’t have time to waste on computer systems that slow down or crash unexpectedly.

But you can’t have just anyone – or just any company – in your systems with access to sensitive files. So, you’re looking for respected and dependable IT support for law offices and law firms. But let’s face it, it’s hard to find the right legal IT support team. Sure, nearly everyone says they work with lawyers but do they have the credentials and the years of professional service to back up those claims?

Our team has over 20 years in legal IT support and will help you to develop an IT strategy crafted around your firm’s specific objectives. We’ll provide you with proactive support for all your applications – so you can focus on maximizing your practice and achieving positive outcomes.

Intivix is the best IT consulting firm to support your IT Legal and Discovery Tools.

When considering IT consulting firms, an important question to ask yourself is, do they have experience in dealing with the applications that we use every day?

You see, some managed services providers claim that they understand IT support for law firms, but they actually treat law offices like any other professional services business – with stock service packages and a pre-determined strategy.

But that just won’t work for your law firm, will it?

Of course not!

Because you use a growing suite of legal and discovery tools like Concordance, Clearwell, iManage, Juris, andTime Matters, you need an IT consulting firm that has previously supported these and other applications that are specific to the practice of law.

The Intivix team will not force your law practice into a pre-determined IT support box.

We will work closely with your staff to discover what the pain points are within your workflow that can be remedied with updates or tweaks to your hardware, software, cloud applications, or data storage functionality.

Giving you a productive IT environment that specifically meets the requirements of your daily processes is our objective.

Intivix’s Services Deliver Efficient IT Support for Law Firms. Cloud Servers, Hosting & Private Cloud

Hosting is one of the areas where the legal IT solutions staff of Intivix excels! Whether your company is completely hosted in-house, completely in the cloud, or a hybrid mixture of the two, we will support your efforts to leverage that hosting situation for your greatest business advantage.

Office 365 and Google for Work

High office productivity demands tools that just plain work. Office 365 and Google for Work deliver on the promise of helping you get more done in a workday, and we’re here to ensure that these solutions are properly implemented, migrated, and optimized. Unlike other IT support for law firms, we take the time to ensure that your staff understands how to get the most out of your Office 365 and Google for Work subscriptions. We take the time to educate because we love to play a part in your daily successes.

Security and Auditing

Knowing where you may be vulnerable is step #1 in becoming secure against online threats. Our assessment tools thoroughly assess your IT environment for cracks in security. We then quickly move to remediate any outstanding issues to keep you in strict compliance with oversight regulations.

Business Continuity and Disaster Planning

Is your law firm prepared to handle the fallout from unexpected events such as earthquakes, power outages, and criminal activity? Anyone of these could irreversibly alter the course of your business. The Intivix team takes a proactive approach to business continuity by ensuring proper backups and walking with you through the broader conversation of planning for an alternate location, employee care, and client retention.

Single Sign-on

Don’t you hate it when an employee is transferred, quits, or is fired? Maybe you’re not sad to see them go, but you sure are frustrated having to go in and change all the passwords. With single sign-on, your employees can have simple and efficient access to the devices and applications they require to do their job, and you can retain control.


Using MyWorkDrive allows your company to move to the cloud at your own pace while making use of secure file sharing without the need for VPN. MyWorkDrive gives your employees the ability to collaborate seamlessly while providing your business with the security and confidence of hosting it all in-house.

Network Design

Having a network that is optimized for your particular workflow is a foundational necessity for your ecosystem. We ensure that your network is robust enough to handle the daily workload it’s expected to carry and fluid enough to adapt to the changing needs of your busy practice.

Network Support

Network maintenance is a significant piece of the overall IT care puzzle. We get ahead of any potential issues before they before they become big problems that impact your uptime and productivity. Part of this process is correctly implementing new devices and applications within the network so you can achieve peak performance.

PC & Mac Support

Need support for BOTH Apple and PC machines? We have the expertise that you need! Yes, Mac and PC can live happily together within the same law firm. It just takes a professional team, like Intivix, that understands how these two systems work together – delivering high-impact IT support for law firms.

Mobile & Tablet Support

Your processes demand always-on capability, no matter where you are. By partnering with Intivix to manage your mobile devices, you gain integrated efficiency and collaboration while keeping your confidential data secure – even if your device is lost or stolen.

Get The Most Out Of Your Practice With IT Support For Law Firms With Intivix!

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  • We’ll work directly with you to ensure that your IT strategy is tailored to your practice’s specific needs.
  • We have engineers standing by in San Francisco, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Dublin, San Ramon, San Mateo, Millbrae, and at other locations around the Bay Area.

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