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Learning Something New Has Been Revolutionized by Technology OR Turn To Technology to Expand Your Opportunity to Learn


Are you familiar with the phrase, “knowledge is power”? You’ve probably heard it once or twice because it is a game for PS4, was included in the theme song for Schoolhouse Rock! which began airing in 1973 (sorry if the song is now stuck in your head), and is attributed to Francis Bacon (1597) as the first person to say it. Thanks to Google, this way of quickly learning through technology something new is literally at your fingertips. Now you may not think of researching the background of the phrase “knowledge is power” as a form of learning something new, but for a child beginning to learn the art of researching, Google just opened up their world!

Technology LearningThat’s one of the great benefits of technology, our mobile devices, laptops, tablets, and smartphones – they revolutionize our opportunities for learning, at any age. It is no longer necessary to attend a brick and mortar school to learn a new skill, secure a certificate in a specific discipline or even earn a degree. You can do that from the comfort of your kitchen table, on a beach or even during your commute to work.

What an amazing feeling!

And, it’s probably something that you may be familiar with either for yourself, your child, a friend, co-worker or someone you know online. Numerous people are turning to technology to learn something new to either better their situation, enhance their career or to obtain a new skill that will better their daily lives. And why not, the benefits of online, or mobile learning, are plentiful:

  • Flexibility: Learn when and how you are most comfortable. You have the option to set aside time to learn or pick up your device when you have some free time.
  • Personalized Learning: Many of the online programs available to you adapt to how you are learning and where you are excelling, or where you could use some extra support. This adaptation helps you learn better, and sometimes faster than a more structured program.
  • Expanded Course Offerings: The ability to select and take a course is not limited by your location (where you physically live). Because learning will take place in a virtual setting, you could be learning from someone in a different state, country or even continent.
  • Endless Opportunities: The availability of new subjects, programs, and skills to learn are nearly limitless. From learning a new language to cooking basics to photography, there are websites and apps and online courses available, some at no cost.

Layering in levels of online learning.

Even “traditional” brick and mortar schools are layering in levels of online learning, beginning with the very early learners. Children are able to get more comfortable drawing, build upon the math they are taught in school with at-home math programs and practice their reading skills based on their current level of reading. This combination of in-school and mobile learning provides more opportunities to children that are eager to continue to learn after school and also provides opportunities to learn to children that may be in smaller schools with fewer teachers and fewer resources.

Learning something new is exciting and it opens up opportunities that you may not have known were there. From cooking a perfect steak to coding a website, the information is available to you at any time, from any location. All you need to do is do a quick search.

So…what will you learn today?