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Meet The Man, The Myth, The Legend – Arnold

There are a few variations to the term family man. One indicates that the individual is someone who enjoys home life. Another variation says that the person is devoted to his family. And yet another declares that the individual likes to spend a lot of time with his family. All of these variations align with who Arnold is, a family man at his core, who applies family values to his work-life as well.

Being in the Tech Industry

Arnold is one of our Network Engineers and is part of our San Francisco team. Arnold has been with Intivix since 2016 and primarily supports one of our larger retail clients, though he’s been involved with our Help Desk team as well. As a Network Engineer, Arnold spends most of his time on-location with clients offering network and computer technology support.

Arnold is a 20-year veteran of the tech industry, which means he’s got the technology chops. He fits right in at Intivix, not only because of his technology background but also because of his family-approach. The family-vibe that we have aligns well with Arnold, who enjoys that feeling of being able to rely on others when needed. He knows the Intivix team will push him to learn but also has his back if/when he needs it, even after hours. Not unlike a family.

Family Man

Arnold’s family-focused approach stems from his own family. He and his wife, Myra, have been married for fifteen years and have two beautiful children. Both of their children keep them on their toes, and also prompt new learnings throughout the family. His daughter (age 11), for example, has a deep interest in hula and has attended hālou (hula school) since she was five. The love of hula stems from one of the many trips to Hawaii that they have taken together as a family. Their son (age 6) is full of energy and is immersed in learning piano, and has some fun making the family laugh by reading jokes to them throughout the day

This family of four loves to travel and tries to, at least twice a year. During vacations, rather than focus on tourist activities, they like to get to know the culture and immerse themselves in the location that they are visiting. Their traveling nature has taken them to London and Paris, which prompted Arnold’s son to try escargot, and love it!

Davieute Travel Hawaii

Their favorite travel spot, by far, however, is Hawaii. They do their best to visit at least once a year. Moving around the islands and experiencing what each has to offer is one of their joys in life, and they jump in feet first and enjoy it. If pressed to pick a favorite, Maui tops the list because of its serene feel. It’s quiet, relaxing and a great way to unwind

Oftentimes, the family will rent a home on one of the islands, which is not surprising since they like to become part of the culture they travel to. They’ve tried surfing and have certainly enjoyed beach time as well, but the local luaus are one of the most enjoyable activities while they are there. Local luaus are a bit more intimate, which means you’re really able to relax and enjoy things unfolding. It’s at one of these luaus that Arnold’s daughter found her love for hula. It’s also at a luau where Arnold’s interest in the ukulele began. Back home, Arnold practices when he can by watching YouTube videos that break down a song into chords. This, too, has turned into more of a family moment as well, because his daughter will dance while he plays the song that he is in the process of learning.

Fun with the Family

When the family isn’t traveling, they explore their own city by going on hikes or taking family bike rides. They also enjoy family meals together, which works out well because Arnold’s wife enjoys cooking. It’s another form of exploration as she’ll try cooking different types of cuisine.

If you ever have the opportunity to speak with Arnold, you’ll learn pretty quickly that his family is his priority. And if you work with him as a client, you’ll also learn that he’ll be there to help you through your technology challenges, or he’ll find the necessary support. Arnold’s family values are always shining through; he can’t help it. It’s a comforting feeling, and it’s one that Intivix clients appreciate.

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