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Looking for an IT company in the San Francisco area that can help with your automotive applications?

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The automotive industry has come a long way in the last fifty years, and it has embraced technology like never before.  From body shops to dealerships and auto repair businesses, people are turning to sophisticated computer systems to help them more effectively run their businesses. But you’re a car expert, not an IT guy. Who do you turn to when things just aren’t working right for you? Intivix is ready to help!  We are your experts in the Automotive IT Industry.

How can I simplify my IT automotive needs? 

You have a huge inventory and a database full of client information.  It’s a big job to keep on top of it all.

Dealer management system software can simplify things for you.  This software does everything from providing communication tools that make employee and supplier relations run seamlessly, to managing and connecting your inventory and your point of sale systems, to assisting with fulfilling client requests and appointments and enhancing future sales.

Sounds too good to be true?  Programs like DealerTrack, Reynolds, Auto/Mate, and Light Year make light work of the task.  Intivix is your expert in these automotive software applications.  From integrating them to providing data storage, backup, and recovery, to providing top quality security, Intivix is prepared to support your automotive IT needs, simplify them, and keep them on track and at work for you.

But there are also the day-to-day automotive needs that the right software program can assist with.  Mechanics have been making use of technology to help solve 21st-century automotive repair problems for quite some time now.  Our vehicles come equipped with more technology-based applications than ever, and the automotive industry has a greater need for technology to support repair work.

Is there software available that can enhance my current diagnostic tools?

Diagnostic software is invaluable to the mechanic.  Most vehicles now come equipped with onboard software solutions that indicate to the owner when something is wrong.  Diagnosing the basic problem is easier as a result. But sometimes pinpointing precisely what is causing the problem can be a bit more challenging.

Programs such as AutoEnginuity, Pro Scan, Movi, and OBD II Auto Doctor are becoming the standard in IT automotive repair options.  These programs deliver everything from emissions readings to oxygen sensor tests, and general diagnostic reports and so much more.  Intivix is your expert at implementing these systems for you, safeguarding them, and troubleshooting any issues on your behalf.

You know cars.  Intivix knows car repair technology.  Together you make an unbeatable team.

Call Intivix now at (415) 543-1033 to learn how we can help with your automotive applications needs.

Intivix, your expert in the leading automotive applications, is hard at work for you.