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What Makes Great Teams Great

IT Consulting in San FranciscoI recently watched a very inspirational presentation at the xChange 2017 Conference in Orlando. Don Yaeger, an award-winning speaker, New York Times columnist, and longtime editor of Sports Illustrated spoke of the qualities and power of being a great teammate.

He expressed this through the lens of Cody Ross, the Chicago Cubs outfielder and backup catcher who delivered at a critical moment to help catapult the Cubs over the Cleveland Indians team in last year’s World Series.

Cody is a world-class champion and MVP (Most Valuable Player), but beyond earning an MVP.  How do you become a championship-level MVP that delivers during the most critical moment of a sporting event finale? You do this with dedication and flawless execution.

However, an MVP doesn’t achieve this without the right talent pool surrounding him. Just like Cody, you also need teammates who are INVALUABLE.  Without needing to be the MOST VALUABLE on the team to help you succeed.

Yaegar talks about the 16 qualities that make great teammates. They will not only make you a better teammate but by extension, raise up everyone else on your team.  Achieving even greater success collectively. This is important for us all, and our organizations.

Yaeger’s message not only illustrates the storybook ending to a baseball player’s amazing career but also provides a valuable lesson to help us rise to the challenge when the moment calls for our very best.