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Family and technology. The combination of the two may not always mesh together, but in the case of Sam Pak, it is a winning combo. Sam is an on-site Network Engineer at Intivix and an all-around devoted family guy.

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As an on-site Network Engineer, Sam spends the majority of his days on-location in a client’s office. His role is similar to that of an internal IT department; available to support clients as needed throughout the day and week.  He’s there to solve challenges, no matter the complexity or size, and helps make the day run that much smoother for the client’s team members.  And, boy does he solve their challenges.  Regardless of the issue, Sam is there to make sure that the computer and network systems are running at peak efficiency and helps our clients’ leverage technology to drive productivity.  And Sam’s support comes with a level of candor, respect, and listening skills that our clients rave about.

Sam’s role involves supporting clients across the East Bay Area, which keeps him busy and ensures that his week is full of variety.  That variety suits him just fine, as he is not the type of guy that likes the status quo. Variety in his work life is important to him, as it is for the family’s vacation plans as well.  Cruises have been on the family vacation list for the past several years, but Sam prefers the shorter cruises that offer an opportunity to explore the local scenery instead of relaxing on the ship.  You won’t catch the Pak family on a seven-day cruise – that’s just too long!

On a typical weekend, you’ll find Sam close to home with his wife, two children aged 5 and 7, and two dogs.  Occasionally you’ll catch the family at the dog park or a park where the kids can run around and play.  More often than not, though, the family is at home relaxing.  And there’s no place he’d rather be.  Sam enjoys bonding time with the family, especially when that time is sprinkled with kid-related activity. Whether it is a birthday party or bringing his older child to Korean classes, Sam wouldn’t have it any other way.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that Sam’s father and Grandma also live together with