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Setting Up A Meeting With Multiple People Can Be Like Trying To Herd Cats!

If you’ve ever sent a meeting invitation to more than one person, you know how challenging and frustrating it can be to get everyone to accept your invitation without having to reschedule it two or three times. Setting Up A Meeting Using Microsoft Outlook Calendar can be a great idea to communicate with your colleagues or clients.

Here’s What You Need To Do

Open your Outlook Calendar.

outlook calendar 1

Next, click on New Meeting.

outlook calendar 2

Type in the names of your recipients as you normally would.

Now, enter your subject.

outlook calendar 3

Guess what? We’re going to turn this into a Skype Meeting!

outlook calendar 4

Enter in the details of your meeting including the Start Time and End Time.

outlook calendar 5

Skype will automatically put in all the details!

outlook calendar 6

You’ll see that a message popped up showing that one of our invitees will be out of the office and won’t be available on the date that we are holding the meeting. (Rob Schenk)

outlook calendar 7

Did you know that your Outlook Calendar can interpret plain text?

This is where we’ll type a plain text message into Outlook to indicate that we want to change the date from August 1st to August 2nd.

We’ll type “next Wednesday” into our Start Time to replace August 1st.

outlook calendar 8

Outlook knows to convert this to August 2nd and asks if we want to convert the date to August 1st.

outlook calendar9

Next, click on Scheduling Assistant to check if this date will work for you and everyone else.

outlook calendar 10

Look here and you can see your availability as well as the availability for everyone you’ve invited.

At the bottom of your screen there’s a legend. This will tell you the best time to hold the meeting when most people are available.

To the right of your screen are suggested dates for the meeting based on your invitees’ availability.

outlook calendar 11

You can choose a time from the suggested times.

outlook calendar 12

After selecting a date and time you’ll see that Outlook has also changed the date at the bottom of your screen.

outlook calendar 13

Another way you can change the date is to move the bar in the time and date column over.

outlook calendar 13

Now you can go back to your original message and finish it up! Easy, right?

Remember, if at any time you have difficulty with Outlook, the team at Intivix can help. We may need to provide you the access in Outlook to make certain changes.