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Why you need IT professionals to help you with Office 365 in your San Francisco business.

Technology can be either a blessing or a curse to your businesses.  When functioning properly, it buys back time, and you can use that time in other areas to grow your business.

Productivity and efficiency increase—life is good. But when technology goes down, is outdated, or just isn’t quite right for the job, you lose precious hours trying to sort things out. Old software solutions just aren’t up to the challenge of today’s business market.  It’s time to consider the switch to Office 365.

Cloud computing has revolutionized business communications and collaborative office efforts.  No longer are employees bound to their desktop, unable to access vital company data from anything but their own workstations.

Office 365 is the business software solution that has revolutionized office productivity.  Office 365 is not only cost-effective, but it has also simplified the work processes – increasing company productivity.  The benefits are unparalleled in any other software package available today.

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What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a scalable office productivity platform that is available for both home and business use.  This latest brainchild of Microsoft is now available for an affordable, flat-rate monthly fee, and can be customized to suit your business needs precisely.  No more expensive yearly licensing fees.  No more extra costs for necessary upgrades.  The Office 365 suite has been streamlined for ease of use and is available at an extremely reasonable cost.

What does Office 365 have to offer?

The Office 365 suite truly is the rock star you’ve heard about.  It is a product that absolutely lives up to its hype and offers:

Seamless program use

Office 365 works beautifully with other Microsoft Office programs you have come to know and love.  In fact, many of the features of these great programs have been enhanced allowing for additional collaborative capabilities available at a variety of different subscription price points.  Among these add-on services are synchronization of documents to other devices and platforms and live, virtual shared document editing.

Ease of access

Since Office 365 is cloud-based, it provides the user with the flexibility to be able to work anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Centralized interoffice communication portal

The Office 365 suite has the functionality to allow for a password protected community portal allowing for easy collaboration amongst colleagues in your office as well as those outside your office.  It is a single space in which to organize and store files making data easy to access for all employees and industry professionals.

User-friendly platform

Part of the migration to Office 365 is the training of staff to work with this new platform.  Office 365 makes that easy for you!  There is no new “tech speak” to learn, and no new complicated systems.  Just the same easy to use programs you have been utilizing all along only better and lumped under one umbrella for ease of use.  It’s just one more reason to love Office 365.

Complete scalability

Scale the program up or scale it down—whatever you need because the Office 365 suite is completely customizable to meet the needs of your business.  No more paying for bells and whistles that you don’t use!  Intivix can design the Office 365 package that fits your company best and at a price point that meets your budget.

No need for in-house IT expertise

In the past, new system integration and software implementation required expensive IT professional installation.  With Office 365, you don’t need to be an IT guy.  And you don’t need to hire one to work in your offices day in and day out either.  Intivix will handle your Office 365 implementation, migration, training, and troubleshooting for you!

Top tier security

Security is paramount. The Office 365 suite has not compromised that standard in any way.  This is business-grade security for serious business professionals.

What Intivix can do for your business

Intivix is ready to get to work for you.  Among the services Intivix can deliver are:

  • Office 365 or Google Apps Integration and Migrations
  • Staff Office 365 or Google Apps training
  • Proactive 24/7 Office 365 or Google Apps support
  • Customized and scaled Office 365 or Google Apps solutions for your office
  • Cloud-based Office 365 or Google Apps documents, storage, and data access

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