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Our Microsoft Office 365 Support Services Will Help You Exploit All Its Exciting Features – Online or Off

If you’re using Office 365, our support services for that platform are designed to maximize productivity and cloud computing-project collaboration in a big way – online or off. Although they may be utilizing it in a “nominal” way, many businesses require the kind of Microsoft Office 365 support services that can help them make sense of every nuance of it, and utilize it to its full potential.

That’s where Intivix comes in.

We offer various support packages with this service, such as scalable Hosted Exchange services, and Microsoft’s Premium and Enterprise E3 packages, which are much more beneficial for business owners.

But, there’s so much more…

Reasons to Take Advantage of Our Microsoft Office 365 Support Services

By taking advantage of our support services for Office 365, you are opting for unlimited email archive storage and a much more secure service. Our Office 365 support services provide a safer environment with more security certifications and compliances than any Hosted Exchange service. Plus, you can also put restrictions on who can view and edit files and documents.

There are many advantages to migrating to the Office 365 platform, including:

  • Flexible, scalable plans custom-fit to your specific requirements
  • The ability to access cutting-edge cloud technology
  • Utilization of cloud-based tools that increase overall productivity
  • The latest, most advanced technology eliminates new server investment
  • A low, per-user monthly rate saves you money in the long run

As you are likely well-aware, Microsoft Office 365 has revolutionized the cloud as a highly versatile productivity suite designed for flexibility. It’s famous for being able to create custom communications solutions for businesses of all types. The cloud now offers new levels of versatility and collaborative possibilities with Office 365, and with our support services behind you, there truly is no limit to your business project needs or imagination!

Even More Reasons You Need Microsoft Office 365

There are even more reasons to make the move to Office 365 and our Office 365 support services, including these tools for ultimate business computing:

  • Exchange Online – This universal access tool allows access to e-mail, calendars, and contacts from anyplace, anytime, and from any device.
  • SharePoint Online – A Project Manager’s dream, with SharePoint Online you can share documents, collaborate with coworkers and manage the entire organization’s respective content.
  • Outlook Client Manager– An executive’s best friend, Outlook Client Manager automatically organizes important information from the Office 365 environment in a timeline next to the user’s inbox. It organizes everything from emails to meeting invitations, call logs, notes, tasks, files and other essential items.
  • Office Communications Online – Office Communications Online provides a streamlined, organization-wide communications platform. With it, you can instantly connect with people using the applications they’re most familiar with.

Remember, you can get all the great benefits of Microsoft Office 365 online or offline. Have a bad Internet connection or outage? No problem. Office 365 auto-saves changes anyway, to be uploaded to the cloud when your service comes back online!

Exciting New Changes to Microsoft Office 365

On January 22, 2018, Microsoft announced a number of updates for Office 365 Education that will bring many new features over the course of next months. These updates will make Office 365 Education an even more useful tool for both student and teachers.

Major new features include Dictation in Office, improved access to assignments and class collaboration, page locking in OneNote Class Notebook, assignment and grade integrations with leading Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Student Information Systems (SIS), including Capita SIMS in the U.K.

Check the full official changelog and availability details below:

  • Dictation in Office—This simple yet transformational tool will help students of all abilities to write freely by using only their voice. Starting in February, Dictation will be available in Word, Word Online, PowerPoint, Outlook Desktop, OneNote Windows 10, and OneNote Online—and in more than nine languages.
  • Read Aloud—Allows students to hear the contents of an email while each word is highlighted in sync. It will soon be available on Outlook Desktop in more than 30 text-to-speech languages.
  • Immersive Reader—To further support students of different backgrounds, Immersive Reader now supports an additional 10 new languages. It is also coming to even more platforms in 2018 and will soon be available on Word for Mac, iPhone, and Android, as well as Outlook Desktop and OneNote for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Teams integration with PowerPoint and Microsoft Stream

Microsoft’s improvements to class collaboration don’t stop here. Teams have also joined forces with PowerPoint and Microsoft Stream to make it easy for teachers and students to create and share interactive content in just a few steps.

A teacher can use PowerPoint to build immersive class content (that includes ink, animations, and audio/video narrations), add Microsoft Forms–based quizzes, publish it to their Stream channel as a video, and have it surface in their Teams class to distribute to their students.

Furthermore, Stream will also add automatic captioning to the videos to make them accessible to all learners.

And, you don’t have to be a teacher or educator to enjoy some of these latest upgrades to Microsoft Office 365…just take a look:

  • Dictation in Office will begin rolling out in its Office Insider program this month, and then to all Office 365 clients in coming months.
  • Read Aloud for Outlook Desktop will be available to Office Insiders this month, and then will roll out to all Office 365 clients in coming months.
  • Immersive Reader for Mac Word, iPhone Word, and Android Word will be available to our Office Insiders program this month, and then to all Office 365 clients in coming months.
  • Immersive Reader for OneNote iOS will begin rolling out to Office 365 clients at the beginning of February 2018 and finish by March 2018.
  • Immersive Reader languages for text-to-speech, syllables, and parts-of-speech languages will start to become available today and will continue to roll out through February 2018.
  • Teams iOS and Android updates and Decimal Grading are available worldwide today. Assignment Analytics, Join Codes and Reuse a Team as a Template will begin to roll out to Office 365 Education clients enrolled in our Teams for Education beta program today. These capabilities will move to worldwide production by Spring 2018.
  • OneNote assignment and grade integration with Capita SIMS will be available in February 2018. Assignment and Grade integration for OneNote for Windows 10, OneNote Online, and OneNote iPad will be available worldwide in February 2018.
  • OneNote Desmos integration is available worldwide today to all Office 365 clients.
  • OneNote Class Notebook Page Locking begins preview testing in February 2018 and will roll out worldwide in the coming months.
  • Recording a PowerPoint and publishing directly to Stream is now available to all Office 365 clients. Additional features, including Forms integration, will roll out later this year.
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