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Improve You Company’s Organizational Efficiency with Microsoft OneNote.

What is Microsoft OneNote and how can I get it?

You can find OneNote Microsoft Office 365.  OneNote is a Microsoft application that supports organization, content gathering and coordination with others.  Microsoft recognized that Word wasn’t useful for writing, rather than typing, notes.  So, they developed OneNote (originally named “The Scribbler” in 2003) to help people organize their notes using a stylus on their tablets.

OneNote also helps you gather content, organize and coordinate it, and share it with others via The Cloud.   OneNote is cloud based, works across all platforms and Microsoft programs, and is integrated into Office 365.  Now, you can sync your notes across all your devices.  If you don’t use Microsoft Office 365, simply download the OneNote application to your computer, tablet and phone, or use the web-based version. (Note: The web-based version is an older version of OneNote, so there may be some differences compared to the application you download onto your computer device.)

How does OneNote work?

When first using OneNote, as mentioned, you can capture your information, organize it and share it with others.  There are various password and security features to help you control who can view your content.  You can use a stylus to scribble notes on your phone or tablet, but also import Word and PowerPoint documents, incorporate audio files, and more.

OneNote is structured in the macro-level in Notebooks, much like using a filing cabinet that’s divided into Sections where you can store your information.   Sections are divided into Pages. (You can have as many Sections and Pages as you wish.)  You can customize your Sections and Pages with labels and colors to help you organize and locate content easily.

You can also share Notebooks or specific Pages with others (not Sections), both inside or outside your organization. Simply add their email address to your contacts and from within OneNote and specify who can see what. Plus, you can take away people’s access whenever you want.

You can insert content into OneNote in a variety of ways:

  • Draw or sketch information with your stylus;
  • Use the “Insert” tab at the top of the screen to capture video and audio files, tables, documents, and more;
  • Record video and audio right into OneNote;
  • Tie Outlook files into OneNote;
  • Web-clip files, capture screens, bookmarks and urls into OneNote;
  • And more.

Navigation in OneNote is similar to other Microsoft products.  You can go to the top tabs to select specific functions, or right-click to use features such as colors, fonts, adding sub-pages, images and more.

Note: There’s no “save” button in OneNote because it automatically saves to The Cloud as you go.

What are OneNote Quick Notes?

Simply click the Window key and the “N” key, to create a virtual “sticky note” anywhere on your computer or device.  Use them to remind yourself to do or remember things.  When you close it, OneNote will save your Quick Note to a Section where all your sticky notes go.  Later, you can go in and organize your notes and save them where you’d like.

What is OneNote Image-to-Text?

This is like having OCR capability where you can convert an image into text.  You can do this when working with tables, scanned receipts and more.  It saves you the time of typing numbers and words that are contained in an image.

Are There Additional Features and Elements to Use?

Yes, many.  You can:

  • Copy and paste any type of content from other Microsoft programs and documents, including tables, PowerPoint presentations and more. And, you can work on them from within a OneNote page.  You can right-click and move things to the back or front, search for information (for Notebooks, Pages, Sections) and more.
  • Create tags to mark notes, documents, and pages. This makes searching a lot easier.
  • Calculate numbers like you do in Excel or Word.
  • Specify to only see certain Sections and Pages.
  • Open multiple versions of OneNote on your computer.
  • Integrate your work with Outlook, Visio and other 3rd-Party Applications.
  • Have content read to you via audio rather than reading it.

Why use OneNote versus other note-taking applications like Evernote?

There are similarities between the different note-taking applications.  However:

  • OneNote is more robust in the note-taking capability. You can draw or sketch on your tablet or phone unlike other applications.
  • If you’re working in a Microsoft/Windows environment, or with Office 365, everything works together seamlessly.
  • It works with Apple products and others.

If you’d like more information about Microsoft OneNote, or if you’re thinking about migrating to Office 365, contact Intivix in San Francisco, for a FREE Office 365 Migration or Office Training Consult.  Call Rob Schenk, Partner at Intivix at 414.543.1033, ext. 103, or send an email to: [email protected]