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Microsoft Teams is Ready for Primetime

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is becoming one of the company’s most vital tools for businesses looking to improve productivity and enhance efficiency. There are a lot of features of Microsoft Teams for business use. Here’s how Intivix uses Teams for improving productivity and enhancing efficiency.

Intivix uses Teams as our primary internal communications app. “We use it for chat and communications between engineers, account managers, and our team members,” says Help Desk Engineer Stephen Jenkins. “It’s quick and easy.”

Beyond chat, Intivix is relying on Teams for internal FAQs, subject matter libraries, and as a way to track support escalations. “We also use Teams to host group meetings via video chat,” Stephen reports. “Teams is a great way to simplify communications, cutting down on email and phone calls. It increases our performance by leaps and bounds.”

Microsoft has been perfecting Teams as the Skype for Business replacement, which has been in the process of being decommissioned for the past couple of years. “This is a much more stable environment. In the time that I’ve been with Intivix, I don’t recall seeing a ticket come through with an issue with Teams. It’s very low maintenance.”

Office Applications

Adding Teams is easy for clients that have the right Office 365 license, Stephen explains, and it integrates with every Office application.

Over the years, Intivix has written about the latest features in Teams and how the app will help boost agility.

Teams is an intuitive platform, especially for professionals who are using Slack, Facebook, or a mobile device to chat, with the bonus that it’s a company solution with Office 365 integration and security.

Intivix clients can reach out to the Help Desk to enable Teams for their account.

Those that want to find out how Microsoft Office 365 can help their business run more efficiently should reach out to Intivix.