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Mobile Device Management Balances Productivity With Security

One of the biggest challenges organizations face today is managing the increasing abundance of mobile devices and applications used by employees. Many of these personal devices access company systems, yet aren’t subject to security limits. The ubiquity of mobile devices does increase user productivity and flexibility, but businesses are running serious risks if this mobile access is unfettered and lacks security controls.

Unchecked mobile access puts company data and security at risk. Yet many businesses do not have any real control over how an employee uses their own personal devices to access sensitive company information. If a company takes a hard line and prevents mobile access, the end results restrict employee productivity and negatively affects the company’s bottom line. But, on the other hand, allowing unregulated mobile access to company applications can result in data leaks, corrupted systems, or even outright theft of proprietary information.

The solution to this dilemma is a Mobile Device Management solution from a quality strategic partner like Intivix. Mobile Device Management software securely manages access to company data from mobile devices, yet provides employees the flexibility to use their personal devices as they see fit.

When an unmanaged mobile device accesses proprietary company information, it can leave your company open to malware and other security risks. Those risks are also magnified due to the ease with which mobile devices are lost or stolen. With so much confidential information stored on mobile devices these days, why take the risk of those devices or the information stored on them falling into the wrong hands?

A Mobile Device Management solution enables a secure, scalable, and cost-effective framework to help prevent unauthorized access and ensure that sensitive data is encrypted and protected. Another major benefit of Mobile Device Management is the ability to remotely lock access from a device you believe may have been compromised. MDM software goes a step further and deletes all company information on the device altogether—leaving an employee’s personal information, such as photos or personal email completely intact.

Smart phones are the way of the business world these days, and they’re not going away. Mobile devices do improve worker productivity and help businesses get more done every day. As a business owner, the challenge is to strike a balance between keeping productivity high while maintaining an effective security policy.