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Intivix Webinar: Protect Your Business from Mobile Threats

Intivix is proud to have recently hosted the third in a series of informative webinars this month, with Partner Rob Schenk and CAL Insurance President Joe DeLucchi showing attendees how to keep their businesses safe while getting the most out of modern mobile technology. Taking place on Wednesday, November 16th, attendees learned a lot about mobile platforms, mobile apps, potential security risks, mobile threats and how to prevent them.

The webinar started with an overview of how ubiquitous mobile technology has become in the modern world, with 72 – 81% of the population using mobile phones nationwide, and rising each year. The always connected, always on nature — with average Americans spending 10.5 hours consuming media every day — of mobile technology has affected users in a number of ways, from personal health to their understanding of how private data is used and protected to loss of productivity.

One of the webinar’s many polls asked attendees what they thought the top productivity killer among employees was in 2015:

  • Internet
  • Social Media
  • Cell phone / Text
  • Email

While most voted for social media, the biggest cause of wasted work hours was texting on cell phones, which has had considerable consequences on businesses, from poor work quality to lower morale to a lesser return on investment in employee wages. Potential solutions for these issues include:

  • Implementing a policy for device free meetings
  • Promoting single-tasking
  • Practicing turning off email for set periods of time

The webinar then conducted another poll as to how many cell phones were lost or stolen last year, with a final result of 5.2 million, which carries significant implications for the security of mobile data in the modern world. Mobile phones contain a lot of information — thousands of emails, photos, documents, financial data and more — which can be easily lost or stolen. Risks include:

  • In the case of loss or theft, a cybercriminal has direct physical access through your device to all of your sensitive data
  • In other cases, malicious code — sent through an email attachment or link — can infect your phone with malware to steal data
  • Device attacks on users that browse on their mobile phones, executed through ads and other schemes
  • Communication interception, with unsecured Wi-Fi giving cybercriminals access to emails and other types of communication
  • Insider threats, given that disgruntled employees can access the corporate network and store a great deal of the private data on their mobile devices

The webinar then moved on to potential solutions to the user risks that come with mobile device, such as:

  • Use a Passcode Lock. As basic as it seems, 62% of users still don’t use one on their phones
  • Set up wipe capabilities, both for remote purposes when a device is lost or stolen, or for when the passcode is entered incorrectly a set number of times
  • Regularly backup your phone’s data
  • Keep your devices updated
  • Don’t jailbreak or root devices, as it can circumvent and negate many security features
  • Don’t trust public, unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots that may have been set up by cybercriminals
  • Use a new paradigm remote access tool like MyWorkDrive ( or a VPN when possible to encrypt communications and data when connected to an unsecured network
  • Think about the apps you download by considering who made the app, if they can be contacted, and what the app’s permissions are

On the business side, tips for mitigating risks across your entire staff include:

  • Develop a realistic policy to define how employees are to maintain data security
  • Implement training for employees that use mobile devices for work
  • Multi-factor authentication, which ensures that only authorized business members can access your sensitive work data
  • Implement a Mobile Device Management Framework to apply important security policies to properly secure, configure and manage mobile devices.
  • Equip your business with a regular monitoring solution to detect and prevent any incoming threats to your network

While these recommendations will all be useful in helping your business maintain security while using mobile devices, it can be difficult to determine where your current security measures fit into this. The next portion of the webinar covered how to find out where your business stands:

  1. Arrange a Security Assessment to find out where you may be lacking in terms of security
  2. Develop an Action Plan to implement any findings from the assessment, and the tips discussed in this webinar
  3. Evaluate Cyber Liability Offerings in order to get a policy that includes 1st/3rd party and social engineering protections
  4. Invest in ongoing security support and maintenance from a Managed Services Provider

The webinar concluded with a Q&A for attendees. Click here to watch the webinar for yourself  and to get the complete picture of the modern mobile workforce and how best to prevent any potential risks to your business.

To learn more about keeping your business safe while enjoying all the benefits of a mobile workforce, and to sign up for our next webinar, be sure to get in touch with Intivix at (415) 543-1033 or [email protected] right away. For more information about Cyber Liability Insurance, get in touch with CAL Insurance right away at (415) 661-6500.