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Mom’s and Technology

FACT: You have a mom. Chances are you have had to play the role of tech support at some point or witnessed mom’s epic tech fail.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we thought we would give you a bit of a laugh. And since we are a tech company, what better way to do so than by sharing mom’s technology fails & memes?


#1  This mom who used a magnifying glass to look at a photo on a cell phone:
Rather than showing mom how to work the zoom-in feature, this child chose to capture this tech fail. 😊




#2  The mom who could only send screenshots:
“Hum, I wonder what the green circle with the arrow means?”






#3  Technology 1, Mom 0:
Some things are better left NOT pictured. We opted not to share the actual photo! 😬





#4  This mom who sets reminders on her phone this way  🤔





#5   When autocorrect gets the best of mom         😳



#6   When mom does not know which network is hers – give her a strong clue.






tech support

#7 Kids = mom’s personal tech support
Status: providing expert tech support
My mom: “I can’t figure out how to get on to @netflix
Me: “Did you try clicking on this button?”



start somewhere

#8 We all start somewhere. Some just need a little more help than others.




#9 Photocopy screenshot
And there are those who need a whole lotta help!



#10 Why isn’t it working?
And then you have those who just shouldn’t touch technology


Bonus: Here are a few memes that capture what it is like to be a mom. Enjoy!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful, strong, and nurturing women out there who raise children! We honor and thank you for the sacrifices you make, the love you give, and the willpower it takes to show up every day to take on the most demanding yet most important job.