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It’s Time for Movember!

How can a moustache help change the face of men’s health? By opening up conversations.

Come on, admit it. You see a friend, colleague, or family member growing a handlebar moustache, and it causes you to ask…why? And it begins. The discussion and support for #Movember comes out, along with the story of why. And this conversation gets people thinking and talking, which is the point of Movember, to get people talking about men’s health.

Too many men are dying at young ages because prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide are not talked about, or checked. But, that can change. And it can change with something as simple, and as awesome, as growing a chevron, a lampshade, a toothbrush or the ever-popular fu manchu.

So, if you are able to grow one, grow it! If you know someone that can encourage them to grow it! And share it with us. Email us at [email protected] with your photos and/or your story behind the stache. Then keep an eye on our social media pages for your story or photo. Let’s spread the word, show our support for men’s health and cover social media with moustaches in support of #Movember.

Get growing!