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San Francisco IT Consulting Company Intivix Branding Featured in MSPMentor

As proud as your San Francisco IT Consulting company, Intivix team is of the quality of service we provide our many valued clients, we know that it’s not the sole factor in our success. In order to achieve real success in the modern business world, organizations such as ours have to strive for comprehensive excellence, in everything that we do. That includes marketing.

We’re proud to have recently been featured in “The Doyle Report: Branding the MSP Organization” posted this month on, thanks to our commitment to continually improving our marketing efforts. The article specifically mentions how the Intivix brand has changed since we began as a business – did you know that we haven’t always been called Intivix?

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Twenty-one years ago we began as LanXpert Corp., a perfectly workable name in the pre-cloud era. However, once the cloud gained global popularity around 2009, our leadership team knew it was time to make a change. Whereas other businesses may worry about losing recognition by changing their name, our leadership understood that in order to align our branding with the changing face of Information Technology, we would have to change as well or be left behind.

After considering nearly a thousand available names for the new company brand, we decided to go about naming the business in a somewhat unconventional way – by combining a number of words that represent the way we do business:

  • “Inti” – standing for intimacy, a key priority in the way we develop and maintain vital business partner relationships with our clients and other third parties
  • “Vi” – representing both the vision we apply to decisions we make for the betterment of the business (such as this rebranding), as well as the cloud-based virtualization solutions we provide to our clients
  • “X” – and lastly, the final letter harkens back to our original name, as well as referencing our commitment to providing true expertise in all things IT for our clients

Put this all together and you get Intivix, the uniqueness of which allowed us to claim all social media and online handles and accounts needed, as well as providing us with ideal SEO, given that our brand can’t be easily confused with anyone else’s.

It was all about making an identity for ourselves that would excel in the modern IT world, as mentioned by Stuart Crawford in the MSPMentor article:

“Marketing is an absolute must, but you still have to do more than merely attract people to your company; you also have to create an identity for it,” said Crawford in the article.

This major change in branding, as a part of our ongoing effort to improve our marketing in order to find and serve new clientele, is in line with our company values as a whole. At the end of the day, our focus is the client, and effective marketing is a part of that.

How do we help our clients achieve more? We start every day with the mission of helping people like you do their work with greater ease and to greater effect. We also follow a set of core principles that help to define the quality of service we offer:

  • Commitment to Service: We know how important it is to respond quickly in a personable, reliable and proactive manner, ensuring that we continue to work on the issue until it is permanently resolved.
    One stop shop: With us as your partner in IT, you get everything you need from a single source, helping to simplify your budgeting and support processes.
    Experience and expertise: Our team is fully certified with the latest qualifications, and has decades of combined experience working with a range of businesses in different industries.
    Optimal communication: The Intivix team takes pride in the excellent communication skills we practice every day, helping to better reach and work with our network of valued clients, industry contacts, and coworkers.

All of this that defines our company begins with our ability to attract and interact with new clients. Had we remained LanXpert Corp., our brand would’ve been associated with LAN-based technology, which has been completely overtaken by the cloud in recent years. Under our new brand, it’s much easier to build an identity around the cloud services we offer our clients today, such as:

  • Expert Cloud Consulting to help clients find the right solutions for their business’ needs.
    Data Migration Services to seamlessly move clients’ vital business data into the cloud, and easily navigate options including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.
    Security Assessments to ensure that clients’ cloud upgrades don’t force them to take on any unnecessary risks to their company’s sensitive data.
    Cloud Server Support, with comprehensive hosting and support capability for a wide range of applications.

For more information about our core values, the many IT consulting solutions we offer, and how they can help your business, get in touch with Intivix right away at (415)-549-9681 or [email protected]