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Do You Multitask At Work? Tips In Office 365 & Windows 10

You may be the Executive Assistant, the VP of Sales, an administrative assistant or “jack of all trades” in your business. This means you not only work with the CEO, but you also work with accounting, marketing, sales, and purchasing. You’re good at what you do because you can multitask. But everyone can use a little help with this.  Create Or Modify Signatures For Outlook Messages.


How Can You Create Or Modify Signatures For Outlook Messages?

Because you wear many hats, your email signature lines may not always match the job you’re doing. You may need to write to someone outside the organization in regards to purchasing. Or another message might be to the Board of Directors about an upcoming meeting. Here’s how to change up your email signatures to match the work that you’re performing.

In Outlook, click on FILE >OPTIONS>MAIL

Outlook Messages

outlook messages2

outlook messages 3


Halfway down the page go to: “Create or modify signatures for messages.”

outlook messages 4

Click on the SIGNATURES tab.

outlook messages5

This brings you to the Signatures and Stationary section. Here you’ll see your current signature.

outlook messages6

You’ll see that my signature has combined my roles as HR Director and Marketing & Communications Coordinator. I want to separate these.

To do this, I click NEW.

outlook messages7

Then I type in a name for my new signature and click OK.


outlook messages 8

Now I type in my name and title in the box below.

outlook messages 9

Next, I adjust the spacing and alignment the way I wish and click SAVE.

Easy right?

Now I want to change the name of my primary email signature (Brandi).

I just click on the name and change it. No problem.

I think I’ll add another signature while I’m at it. Now I have 3 email signatures that I can use for various purposes.

outlook messages 10

It’s time for me to send a message. I need to choose which email signature to use.

I start by going to the top ribbon where I choose NEW EMAIL.

outlook messages11

In the messages tab, I click on SIGNATURE, and select the desired signature I wish to use for this email.

outlook messages12

And just like that, my signature is changed in the new message!

outlook messages 13

Want To Know Some Other Helpful Office 365 Tips For Multitasking?

How To Multitask When Using Teams

Sometimes you need to perform another function while participating in a Teams meeting. You can use this tip on your Desktop, iOS Android, or Windows Phone.

  • To do this, click outside of the meeting you’re in, and see what’s happening on other channels, or catch up on your email.
  • When you click outside the meeting, the Teams meeting window will transition into a smaller window at the top of the application.
  • To return to the meeting, click on this small window and you’re back in the meeting instantaneously. No one will ever know that you left for a while!

How To Use Multiple Desktops In Office 365

Here are 3 different ways to use Multiple Desktops in Windows 10.

  1. Select TASK VIEW, or press ALT-TAB on your keyboard to switch between apps.
  2. To use two or more applications at a time, select the top of an application window and drag it over to the side. Then pick another application, and it should snap into place automatically.
  3. Create different desktops for your home and work use by selecting TASK VIEW> NEW DESKTOP and open the applications that you want to use.

Use One Note To Multitask

You can open your OneNote pages in multiple windows and work on more than one page at the time. Or reference other pages when you’re on a One Note page.

Plus, you can use the Windows + Left and Right Arrow to split your screens.

Need Help Multitasking When Looking For Files?

The latest update to Windows includes a new Timeline feature to make it easy for you to find what you’ve been working on within the past 30 days rather than looking through tons of emails, documents, or folders.

And, you can do this no matter if you worked on a Windows 10 PC with the Microsoft Edge browser or in Office 365 on a different computer, iOS, or Android device.

Want To Stop Multitasking And Focus On One Thing At A Time?

A new Focus Assist feature in Windows 10 will help you do this. It automatically turns off those annoying social media notifications or updates that are so distracting and can get you sidelined. It will help you focus on the job you’re doing and keep your attention where it should be!

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