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MyWorkDrive Offers a Cloud Solution That Makes Accessing Files Even Easier

For businesses wanting to make use of remote access capabilities, it’s long required the use of complicated VPNs and synchronization software that proves to be unreliable at best, or moving important business files into a cloud-based service like DropBox, which many business owners are not entirely comfortable with. To address these issues, as well as general frustrations with accessibility problems, Intivix founders Rob Schenk and Dan Gordon developed MyWorkDrive.

Rather than rely on third-party platforms to help clients use the cloud more effectively, the pair came up with a solution of their own that provides the flexibility to access files from anywhere, using any device, as if you were in your own office.

Unique Features

MyWorkDrive offers a unique feature not found in any other cloud solution – the ability to double-click on a document on the web, edit it directly from Office or Office 365, and save it back to the original local or cloud-based server. MyWorkDrive gives users the freedom to open a file in Office 365 and search the file server without ever having to download anything on their computer. A patented connector can be enabled quickly with no firewalls or certificates to deal with that will make the server available online once the software has been installed.

For businesses that have a largely mobile workforce, the ability to access, upload, and search through files at gigabyte speed can be hugely beneficial, making MyWorkDrive a great option for their business.

While MyWorkDrive was developed by and continues to be managed and used by Intivix, the service is being made available to clients of other Managed Service Providers through Intivix’s partner channel, with great partner discounts and internal use rights.

The Cloud Hype

Over the years, both Schenk and Gordon have seen time and again businesses that are wary of the cloud due to bad past experiences with the platform. Many businesses buy into the cloud hype without ever really understanding what it is, or how to use it in a way that works for their business. Without support and guidance from an IT provider that is dedicated to helping clients use technology effectively, transitioning to the cloud can be a disaster.

This habit of businesses biting off more than they can chew when it comes to cloud migration is part of the reason MyWorkDrive is not exclusively cloud-based. By incorporating access to on-premise servers, businesses have the option to move to the cloud at their own pace. It’s a solution that can accommodate any business, regardless of where they are along the path of cloud technology adoption.

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