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Life As a Network Engineer

Fasten your seat belts, everyone, we’re about to go on a ride with a few twists and turns as we get to know Andrew Drew Bragg, a Network Engineer at Intivix. Drew currently lives in Oregon and supports the Corvallis office, as well as our clients in the Bay Area. As a Network Engineer, he primarily focuses on troubleshooting client network and server issues, and client back-ups. Occasionally though, he has the opportunity to develop automation scripts for clients. These scripts typically focus on reducing the time required to complete a certain task by automating processes. His tool of choice is PowerShell, which he essentially self-taught himself after a nudge from Intivix leadership.

Where He Started

Although he currently resides in Oregon, it was not always his home. He’s originally from California, where he and a friend started an event planning company. The company focused primarily on corporate events and weddings. He also simultaneously worked at a non-profit organization focused on helping people in post-incarceration situations, develop basic software and computer skills, that lead him to be a Network Engineer.  After these two roles, he headed out to North Carolina, where he eventually became involved in law enforcement as a Detention Officer.

The West Coast, however, was calling his name, and he made his way back to California. Frankly, he wanted to be closer to his parents, who still call California their home. He took up roots in Oregon, which makes sense because he truly enjoys the outdoors, and getting immersed in nature. He, along with his girlfriend, Christina, spend their time camping and hiking. They recently purchased a new RV, which they’ll be enjoying time in over the next few months.

They also enjoy getting out on their motorcycles when they can. For them, the weekends are the perfect time for a road trip, where they head out to a tucked-away town and enjoy dinner at a restaurant they’ve checked out. It’s a great way for them to not only enjoy the outdoors but also try out restaurants that are a bit off the beaten path…and oh so good!

On the Farm

Back home, they also enjoy relaxing nights on Christina’s farm. They are perfectly content with 5 acres of land, goats, chickens, and a turkey that may have some anger issues. During the evening, you’ll likely catch them relaxing on the patio, around the fire pit, watching the goats running around chasing each other. One of Drew’s most interesting moments on the farm includes him watching Christina help a goat give birth while petting the angry turkey’s head and holding a dog.

When not surrounded by farm animals, Drew enjoys playing video games. He finds it relaxing and a great way to stay in touch with friends from back in the day. It’s also a great way for him to connect with Christina’s two sons (15 and 17). Yep, they geek-out every once in awhile talking about different games.

Although Drew is not a guy that is into reading books, he’s a published author. Oh yes, he wrote The Changers, which was published in 2005. It’s a sci-fi thriller that follows a geology professor while he travels the globe and explores a cave that may have a bit of evil within it.

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

And, just to keep it interesting, he also holds a private pilot license and has since 2005. He started flying planes when he graduated from high school. In addition to his private pilot license, he has also secured his high-performance endorsement, complex endorsement, and multi-engine rating. In other words, he could technically fly a plane today if he wanted to, he would just need a bit of a refresher on the radio calls, safety procedures and how navigation is currently handled.

Drew also has a bit of a musical side to him. He’s played the bass guitar for roughly 20 years and has been in a couple of bands that recorded a few albums. As a musician, one of his most memorable experiences was playing a gig on a paddleboat – not something you get to do every day.

Drew’s background is admittedly varied, and it’s something he appreciates and values. It’s what makes him who he is, and it has shaped how he approaches both his life and work situations. Because of his background, and different experiences, he’s able to bring a unique perspective to how he approaches client challenges. He has the technical expertise as well as empathy for situations and people. This combination can help clients dealing with a challenging IT or technology issue, far more enjoyable.