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Network Management and Network Monitoring

Every day, employees in companies just like yours suffer the frustration of network slowdowns. Intivix ensure network management and monitoring for clients.

They are good people trying to put in a fair day’s work and get their projects done on time. But the company network is letting them, and you, down –– and that doesn’t make them happy or efficient workers.

Maybe your employees feel like they are in a battle with your slow or unpredictable network just to get their daily tasks accomplished.

It’s up to you to take away their network headaches so they can move your projects ahead quickly and reach toward your organizational objectives.

How do you solve your chronic network hassles?

Call Intivix.

Helping business leaders like you release the power of technology and leverage it for employee productivity is what we do!

We’ll survey your network, solve your issues, and keep everything running well through a protocol of network monitoring and proactive maintenance.

You see…

A computer network isn’t meant to be a “set it and forget it” business asset.

Because of hardware changes, software updates, mobile connectivity, and internet traffic, the modern business computer network is the central nervous system of the entire operation. Every bit of data traffic in your business runs through your network, and if it isn’t kept in tip-top condition your business will suffer:

  • Slowdowns
  • Productivity Loss
  • Unhappy employees
  • Missed deadlines
  • Lost opportunities
  • Displeased clients

As you can see, your network is more important than you may have guessed!

Just think about it…

If one computer is acting up, it’s easy to switch devices and get rolling again quickly. But if your entire network is poorly maintained and giving you fits, that’s a company-wide problem.

Network issues can come from any number of sources. Here are a few that the Intivix team regularly scans for and guards against.

  • Rogue devices – devices that shouldn’t be linked to your network
  • Wireless issues – poor WiFi coverage, security, signal strength, and optimization of your internal wireless system
  • Poor network speed – whether a continual speed issue or a “peak hours” problem

Buying more bandwidth is not always a fix for a slow network.

It’ s important to bring in the network monitoring and maintenance professionals from Intivix. We will analyze your entire network scenario – LAN, WAN, or WLAN. Intelligent optimization of your network now will save you productivity, time, and money in the long run.

Catch your network issues and fix them BEFORE they become an efficiency-killing problem for your business!

The Intivix team will get your network running at full speed and then maintain and monitor it – delivering the best performance for your staff’s workflow.

Let’s get started! Contact us now at (415)-549-9681 or [email protected]