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Yes, there is such a thing as “no-phone fun” to be had this summer. No wi-fi or data connection required! I know, I know. Taking away your kids’ phone may be your most effective go-to form of punishment. But what if “no-phone” and unglued to their screens was their ticket to endless fun, as well as all the other benefits of being in the great outdoors. Well, folks. It’s totally do-able without their devices. So, let the outdoor games begin. Try these no phone summer games for kids and see the outcome of it.

Is it a bird, a plane. NO! It’s Disc Golf.

I love this game and teaching it. As Junior Frisbee® Disc State Champion circa 19-you don’t-need-to-know, I am a little biased. Not only does Disc Golf (known as Frisbee® Golf to rookies) take place in the great outdoors, it’s awesome exercise and introduces the physics of flight in a totally fun way. It’s based on the same concept as traditional golf, but instead of swinging a club to put the ball in the hole, players throw a disc into a basket. Serious players use an actual set of Golf Discs: A driver, an approach and a putter disc (at least one of each kind). But you can start with just one.

Find a course or make your own. There are tens of thousands of Disc Golf courses all over the world! the Click here to find one near you. If you can’t get to a course, make your own large or small. Simply go to your local park (or a big backyard) and select 9 or 18 targets (avoid items you’d rather not trash like windows or prize tulips). Mark and number your targets (duct tape is good).

Rules? Yes. They’re actually called the Disc Golfer’s Code.

Marco Polo Sans Pool-O

Who needs a pool when you can bust out the master blasters and water pistols. That’s right, it’s played just like the classic H2O Marco Polo (named for the Venetian explorer) but “Marco” the “it” person, doesn’t flounder blindfolded in a pool. In this dryland version, Marco simply aims his or her air-powered water dispenser in the direction of “Polo” and sprays! If the damp evidence shows a player has been hit, they are it!

To brighten things up, load the water pistols with washable liquid watercolors. And do use caution when setting up your playing field. No one wants to trip over lawn furniture, sprinkler heads, or sleeping dogs.

How about an entire day of games – The Outdoor Chorelympics

There’s nothing like a little competition to get your yard, street or whole neighborhood looking good. Whether lawns need mowing, weeds need pulling, trash needs removing, fences need painting, summer is the perfect time to rally the kids to pull off the ultimate chore challenge.

Try these not-so-laborious events on for starters:

Lawnmower Races – This ultimate mow-down is Ideal for teens, and a great way to get all your neighbors’ lawns lookin’ good. Let’s get those motors runnin’!

Weed-a-Thon – Conquer those not-so-dandelions and every other unwanted weed. First three Chorelympians to pull a pound of your peskiests medal! Click here for helpful hints for speedy removal.

2-Liter Relay – The summer heat works up a gardens’ thirst. This Chorelympic event is Ideal for younger kids. Divide participants into teams of three: The filler. The carrier. The pourer. The first team to fill, transport and water the garden plants win. It’s fun, refreshing and a great way to teach the importance of tending to your garden, as well as repurposing plastic bottles.

Trash Dash – A game everyone will appreciate. Pick a place that needs some picking up – a neighborhood park, schoolyard, fence line, street corner, you get the idea. Then equip your Chorelympians with gloves, garbage bags, and brightly colored vests or shirts, and let the clean teams do their thing.

The Medal Ceremony

The perfect celebration to a productive and rewarding day. I recommend a yummy twist to the gold, silver and bronze heavy medals, and reward your Chorelympians with one, two, and three scoops of their favorite ice-cream and toppings or the other summer fav – the almighty and frothy Root Beer Float. Dairy or non-dairy, as long as they love it. But of course, that’s always up to you.

BTW. August 6th is National Root Beer Float Day. Just sayin’.

Bottom line. It’s not easy to turn a kid’s “I don’t wanna” into an “I can’t wait to” when they don’t even know the fun they’re missing. If just a version of one of these ideas gets your kids off their screens and outside this summer, I will jump for joy, guaranteed.