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Doing good in the Community – Helping Others – Preserving the Planet – Serving the Less Fortunate

Your non-profit organization has lofty goals.  Reaching those goals requires taking concrete steps forward every day.

Here’s the question…

Does your current technology sync with the manpower, processes, and mission of your organization? Do your office staff, field employees, and volunteers have the ability to communicate seamlessly and collaborate on files in real-time? Or, is your non-profit struggling to get along with hardware and applications that don’t fit your growth and limit your daily workflow?

It’s time for a change.

Non-profit organizations across the country are discovering the freedom and flexibility of customized, subscription IT support.

By partnering with Intivix, you gain significant advantages for your entire operation.

  • Guard your Board of Directors by ensuring complete security for in-house, auditing/compliance, and mobile operations.
  • Make your Accounting Department happy with subscription payments that are simple and easily budgeted.
  • Allow your Field Operation Employees to work as securely and efficiently in the field as they can from the office.
  • Save your Office Staff from the frustration of trying to do endless updates, upgrades, and patches.
  • Keep your Non-Profit Clients in the loop by implementing secure, simple communications channels and file sharing.

We want to work with organizations like yours that share our core values.

  • Choose to do the right thing, not the easy thing.
  • Deliver exceptional service and go above and beyond.
  • Empower success with a “We’re in this together” approach.
  • Embrace change and stay ahead of the curve.
  • We listen objectively and empathically with no agenda.

 Non-Profits in the San Francisco Bay area are growing in size and complexity.  It is more important than ever to have the right technology and the best IT support team.  Intivix will optimize the technology to fit your mission.  With the challenges of expansion, combined with missions that vary in location and scope.

The Intivix team is ready to bring you the best in IT consulting and support!

  • Cyber Security – Delivering peace of mind for your operations by protecting in-house and mobile operations.
  • Network Design – Providing stability and operational connectivity in new network designs and network modifications.
  • Managed Services – Keeping your IT running efficiently with 24/7 IT maintenance, management, and help desk support.
  • Business Continuity Planning – This will help keep your business moving when faced with disaster caused by nature, criminals, or human error.
  • Office 365 / G Suite Support – Saving you time and money by optimizing these leading office productivity platforms to meet your day-to-day workflow needs.
  • PC and Mac Support – Serving your business – no matter what operating system you choose.
  • Mobile and Tablet Support – Enabling your employees to use their devices securely and collaborate in real-time.
  • Secure File Sync and Share – Empowering your staff – and clients – with secure tools to edit, share, and store important files.

The larger your organization grows and the more diverse your operations become.  Which means the more you are going to need IT support that is customized to your organization’s needs. Intivix offers tailored, scalable, IT support that fits within your budget.

Why waste time with computer-fix-it companies that only show up when things break down? – If they show up at all…

Partner with the Intivix team and we’ll give you 24/7/365 IT support that helps you avoid breakdowns and downtime while providing efficiency and pro-growth features.

Ready for a business technology strategy that will work for you? Contact us now at (415) 543 1033 or send us an email at [email protected].

We’re ready to help you develop an IT strategy for your non-profit organization that will support your global operations and growth plans.

IT that helps you grow

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