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How Nonprofit Organizations Use Technology

Technology is changing the face of how we live our day to day lives, and it’s evolving at a rapid pace. This includes all areas of business, including the nonprofit sector. Nonprofits must keep up with the times if they want to continue to raise funds and spread word of their cause, as well as manage information. Here are some of the trends in technology that we’ve seen help nonprofits succeed in their movements.


Social Media


If you haven’t noticed how sites like Facebook and Twitter can help to spread a message like wildfire, you must be living under a rock. Social media sites are an excellent tool to spark social change. When used in conjunction with action, it can be especially helpful, like posting on Facebook when a rally is going to take place. Not to mention that more and more people, especially the younger generations, use social media as a primary means of communication. Social media sites can give nonprofits more access to potential supporters, donors, volunteers, and more. Social media sites allow nonprofits to share the work they are doing and gain support from similar groups around the world.


Mobile Devices


More and more people are depending on mobile devices to get information on a daily basis. Almost half of all emails are read on a mobile device. Now, those emails read can be to potential donors. Becoming a part of the mobile platform is more important than ever as their usage continues to increase.


Cloud Servers


One of the biggest benefits of the cloud is accessibility. You no longer have to be tied to one computer to access your documents or stored information. It is easy to use, cheap, and flexible, and means less need for a nonprofit to maintain their data and applications in one place. The cloud works perfectly in sync with mobile devices so that the nonprofit can get its message out anywhere at any time. Now these organizations have access to many services that used to cost too much in recent years, putting them in the game with businesses for profit. Intivix helps many non profit organizations transition to the cloud.




Like a regular business or other organization, charities have a strong need to gather data, and analyze it. With the input and support coming from these technological sources such as social media, and the web, as well as personal interactions, nonprofits need analytics to know which avenues are working the best for them. They analyze data so they can fundraise more efficiently, increase recurring donations, and know which peer-to-peer events need to be used to spread their message.




Since there has been a shift to mobile devices for computing needs, more solutions are being created for tablets, smartphones and desktops. Information will be easily accessible without dealing with obsolete apps or programs that require specific and lengthy training sessions. Nonprofits will benefit from moving away from software to cloud based software-as-a-service, and be able to collect data easily.