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New Office 365 Add-On Increases Your Efficiency

Office 365 add on to helps to schedule meetings easier. It’s called FindTime, and it’s free to install and use with your Microsoft 365 Suites. With FindTime, you no longer have to waste your time trying to coordinate everyone’s schedules through phone calls and emails just to lock down a good meeting time. With a few simple clicks, you’re able to send out meeting proposals that your attendees can then vote on according to their personal schedules.

How Does FindTime Work on Office 365?

FindTime helps you boost collaboration by allowing the organizer to choose the attendees, propose meeting times, and allow everyone to vote on the time that works best. Your colleagues don’t need to have FindTime installed to use it as long as they have a valid email address and Internet access. It’s also simple to install. All you have to do is go to the store icon or add-ons option in Microsoft Outlook and select FindTime to download. Once installed, you’re on your way to hassle-free scheduling. Here’s how it works:

  • You’re able to quickly find times that work for you and all your attendees
  • Participants receive an email and can vote on what times work best for them
  • Participants receive a visual summary of the voting results to date, helping them make the best choice
  • Once a consensus is reached, FindTime will automatically send out a meeting invite on your behalf

Become an Organizer with Intivix

To become a conference organizer in FindTime, you must first have an Office 365 account and FindTime enabled (Intivix will enable the FindTime functionality automatically for our managed clients). Aside from free add-ons like FindTime, Office 365 offers numerous other benefits for your business such as enhanced security, disaster recovery options, automatic updates, and single-sign-on capabilities. Intivix can help transition your company away from your old email system onto Office 365 so you can take advantage of time-saving add-ons and increase your business’s efficiency.