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Okay, 2019. Let’s Do This.

Welcome to 2019!

We spent some time over the holidays thinking about the year ahead and where we want to improve both personally and professionally. There are a lot of great inspirational and practical articles available.

Professional and Personal


One great piece of advice we saw: this is going to be a process. Good consistent action is better than one spectacular declaration. One of our most favorite quotes fits here, “Take the long view and short steps.”

With that in mind, here are some of the things we’re thinking about and working on this year.

Let’s Talk About Money

You’re not alone in the overspending department. Americans are setting new consumer spending records every year. Here’s how to get out of the deep red:

Knowledge is Power. Gather your credit card statements and receipts (if you paid cash) and look at the number. Better to know than guess.

Set a Plan. Budgeting resources are plentiful. Use one. Make your budget realistic and achievable. Focus on paying back credit cards and loans first.

A Financial Breather. Pack a lunch, don’t eat out, drink the coffee at work, don’t buy those new clothes. Just do it for one month — you can do it.

Those Pants Didn’t Shrink

One of the universal truths is that we look in the mirror in late December and wonder who that person is looking back. Let’s look at some ideas to find you again:

Be Intentional. If Monday is your go day, make it your go day. Get up, drink water, eat healthily, get moving. Don’t let the sloth of the holidays carry over.

Take a Break. Many health pros extol the virtues of juicing for a few meals or even fasting for a day, which gives your digestive tract a break.

Cut it Out. Consider cutting sugar, grains, and dairy for a week or two following the holidays. You’ll see results fast and feel better.

Sweat it Out. Small bouts of exercise throughout the day are better for you than nothing. Ten minutes of lunges, push-ups, or planks in the morning, a brisk 10-minute walk at lunch, then 10 minutes of yoga or stretching in the evening.

Take it Easy. You didn’t get here overnight; odds are you won’t get perfect right away either.


Getting caught up in merriment often means we forget the basics of self-care. Take this as a reminder of what makes us function at our best.

Rest Up. It’s easy to stay up late and keep having fun. Do your best to return to a healthy routine of seven hours (eight, they say, if you’re over 50), and a regular sleep and wake schedule.

Breathe. Take five to 10 minutes to find your Zen. Deep breathes, mindfulness, and meditation are all great ways to fight stress and fatigue.

Connect with Your Love. The holidays often put us in the middle of crowds, and we forget to spend time with our partners. Break out the schedule and find some time to reconnect.

At Work

It’s easy to feel behind early in the year, but there are a handful of easy steps that will help you feel like you’re managing better at work.

Organize for maximum productivity. Find a productivity tool or philosophy that will increase your productivity this year. There’s The Bullet Journal or Wunderlist (Mac) or Microsoft To-Do (PC).

Delegate and grow. Stop wearing all the hats in your business and find people to help. It’s hard to grow if only one person is doing all the work.

Communicate. Clients, employees, suppliers need to know what’s going on so that the company can continue to grow.

Plan. Those that fail to plan, plan to fail. We’ve all heard it. This year it’s time to take action.

Keep learning. Whether it’s something you’ll use in our daily work life or not, expanding your brains is always a good idea.

Clean up your digital presence. Update the company’s website, tap into email marketing, look at how social media builds brand awareness.

Network. It’s time to meet your community and look for ways to grow your exposure to local businesses.

Give Back. Find a cause that’s personal and do what you can.

Move On. There are methods, people, and equipment that aren’t working anymore. Change those things.

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