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How To Set Up Out-Of-Office Emails in Office 365

Picture this – You’re nearly ready to leave the San Francisco Bay Area for your dream vacation. You’re excited, your suitcase is packed, and all your work is taken care of.

You’ve got one foot out the door when you remember – “Ah, I forget to set up my out-of-office emails.”  Here’s what to do. Check out how to set up out of office email using Microsoft 365.


“Can I Set Out-Of-Office Emails In Advance?”

You can set up your out-of-office emails in advance or right before you leave. Follow the steps below.

In your Outlook Inbox click File.


Next, click Automatic Replies (Out of Office).

You want your out-of-office emails to be sent automatically. So in this next window click the radio button for Send automatic replies.

“How Do I Stop The Automatic Emails?”

Simply check the box for Only send during this time range:  This is one less thing you’ll have to worry about when you get back to the office. You can set a Start time and End time for your out-of-office emails.

Once you’ve done this, now you’re ready to type a professional out-of-office email message that will go outside your company to people like clients and vendors.

Click Outside My Organization and the box for Auto-reply to people outside my organization and Anyone outside my organization.  Then, write your professional-looking message.

Now it’s time to write an out-of-office email message to those inside your organization.  Click Inside My Organization, Auto-reply to people inside my organization, and type your message.

“How Do I Set Up Rules For My Out-Of-Office Emails?”

Click Rules in the lower left corner of your screen.

This window will show up. Click Add Rule…

In this instance, we’re assuming that you get an email every day from someone by the name of Jennifer. We’re going to add a rule for this email.  Click the From… button.

Choose Jennifer’s name from your internal directory.

Jennifer’s name shows up in the From… bar.   Under “Perform these actions” select someone to send these messages to.   Click To… and enter the name of the person you want Jennifer’s emails to go to and check the box for Forward.

Here is how the Automatic Reply Rule shows up when complete.

Click OK.

Next, check your email to ensure the dates and everything else are correct and click OK.

And, that’s it!  Now you can go on your vacation and leave your email worries behind.

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