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Does Your IT Department Need Some Support?

Have You Thought About A Co-Managed IT Solution?

When your company is growing, increasing demands can overload your IT department. Hiring additional employees may cost too much, but you can’t afford to let the security and reliability of your technology fall by the wayside. This is when you need a Co-Managed IT Solution.

A Co-Managed IT Solution from Intivix can give your team the additional support they need to optimize IT performance and accomplish their tasks efficiently. It’s a solution that offers many benefits.

Co Managed IT Services

Improved Workload Management

If your IT department is having trouble keeping up with their daily duties, the team at Intivix can provide the help they need. This frees up your key IT staff to focus on higher priority objectives that improve business functions.

Project Support

There may be times when your IT staff needs expertise they don’t have, like migrating cloud solutions. We have professionals who specialize in a variety of IT capabilities and can provide the technical help you need for special projects.

Security Support

As your business grows, your IT security requirements do as well. Where simple solutions once worked, you can no longer depend on them to keep your data safe. We can move your IT to a managed, enterprise-level security platform with next-generation firewalls, data leak prevention, intrusion detection, encryption, dark web monitoring, two-factor authentication, single sign-on solutions, and more.

Strategic Planning

As your company expands and technology evolves, your IT department must stay on top of emerging technologies and best practices. We have the advisory services to help you develop an IT plan that will grow as your business does. This service can be added to our Co-Managed Solution to keep everyone on the same page as your IT needs change.

Predictable Budgeting

With an IT department to fund, you don’t need to worry about surprise invoices. We can provide a customized Co-Managed IT Plan for a fixed monthly rate that you can predictably budget for. You’ll benefit from proactive IT administration for things like maintenance, monitoring, help desk services, and account management. If your needs change along the way, we can accommodate them and update your Plan. Our goal is to make sure you have the complete Co-Managed IT Solution you need.

IT reliability, security, and accessibility are too important to risk. If you need an extra hand or two, our Co-Managed Solution can support your IT department and elevate your business to the next level. Contact us in San Francisco for more information or a complimentary assessment of your IT requirements.