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Peer Groups In The Managed IT Services Industry (Questions/Answers)

What Do Peer Groups Offer Managed Services IT Companies?

Turn your competition into an advantage – how? Peer groups have so much to offer members of the Managed IT Services industry. Read on to learn how.

San Francisco IT Company

Picture this: you’re sitting at your desk when the phone rings. You check the caller ID and see it’s one of your competitors. What could they want?

Are they calling to make an offer to acquire your business? Maybe they just picked up a client that left you, and want some history. Whatever the case may be, it’s not necessarily a call you want to get.

But what if it was something else? Something better?

High-Performance Club

What if your competitor was calling you as their peer, to get advice on an issue their facing, and offer some in turn? Wouldn’t that be preferable to literally any other reason a competitor would be dialing your number?

While this may sound a bit far-fetched, it’s actually a reality today in the Managed IT Services industry. Case in point: the MSP Marketing team at Ulistic High-Performance Club, a peer group made up of the top-performing IT services companies throughout Canada and the United States.

This peer group focuses specifically on the professional development of its members as leaders, as well as how those members can better deliver the range of IT services that they’ve committed to providing to clients in their local business communities.

That’s why Rob Schenk and Intivix chose to join their peers at the latest Ulistic High-Performance Club event at Salvatore’s Grand Hotel in Buffalo, NY on June 28th and 29th.

Roy van Norstrand from Leren Group shared business leadership skills while MSP marketing expert Stuart Crawford shared how members like can reach new companies in their target markets.

Members of the group include:

What Benefits Do Peer Groups Offer Managed Services IT Companies?

The Ulistic High-Performance Club offers a number of advantages to Intivix and the other members, including:

Expertise and Experience

No matter whether a company is five months old or five decades old, each and every one of them faces significant challenges unique to their scale and industry.

That’s why a peer group with a varied and eclectic membership has so much to offer. No matter what challenge a given member may be facing, they have access to the experience and knowledge of other members of their industry on hand to provide first-hand advice.

Steadfast Accountability

“There’s always someone higher up where you can pass the buck” – well, except for you, right?

If the buck stops with you, one part of that means that you’re the person holding everyone else on your staff accountable. You oversee and manage the productivity and efficiency of the operation – but who’s holding you accountable?

And we’re not talking about quarterly fiscal goals or your taxes – obviously, you have governmental oversight, and a board of directors or shareholders to answer to.

What about your goals? Personal goals for professional development, or staff-wide goals for company culture. Who’s double-checking that you’re working to achieve the goals that don’t directly affect your bottom line?

How about your peers?

Peers groups offer CEOs a great way to stay focused on the goals they set, no matter what they may be. Why? Because they really understand each other. They’re not stakeholders, they’re other owners, who know the weight of employing staff, managing their efforts, and relying on their teamwork.

Peer-to-Peer Support

While peer groups may not officially be a therapy group, in many informal ways, they offer the same benefits. The chance to vent and unload with a group of like-minded professionals that know where you’re coming from, what you deal with every day, what you have planned for the future.

It’s all these reasons and more that Rob and the Intivix team believe in the effectivity of a peer group like the Ulistic High-Performance Club. It’s just one of the things that truly separates them from other IT managed services companies operating in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

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