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Is Your Business Ready For The Planned Service Outage Season?

If you could go back in time and give yourself tips on how to handle the abrupt shift to a fully remote workforce over the past 18 months, what would you tell yourself? Would you have planned better? Maybe you have started a work-from-home policies and procedures document for your business? Would you have created a business continuity and disaster recovery plan? The odds are pretty high that you would have implemented something to get ready for the transition as a business. And although we can’t go back in time and make those adjustments, we can plan for disasters, and business disruptions that we know are coming, like planned service outages.

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If you live in California or do business in California, planned service outages should not be new. They happen. PG&E even states it on their website: “PG&E must sometimes interrupt service temporarily to maintain the electric systems that serve you. The maintenance helps keep your lights on and enables us to provide safe and reliable service.”

The Impact on your Business

So, if we know it will happen, and we know that these service outages can negatively impact our business.  Why not plan ahead and get ready for them? In other words, create a business continuity and disaster recovery plan. A plan that outlines how to handle the power outage, how you’ll power your facility, how you’ll stay in touch with, and pay, your valuable employees, and how you’ll fuel your generator. Identifying and documenting all of these details can help ensure that your business doesn’t experience massive downtime, productivity loss, and avoid critical data loss during these outages.

PG&E Safety Power Shutoff & Other Disasters

And, Intivix can help. We’ve helped numerous organizations with their business continuity and disaster recovery plans. We handle the planning, phone calls, and details. Let’s face it, those initial elements help form the plan.  They are also super tedious to get a handle on when you are trying to run your business.

Still not convinced? Check out this video we created on the importance of being proactive when it comes to planned service outages.

So, give us a call at (415) 432-7043, or email us [email protected] and let us help you get ready and plan ahead for the upcoming planned service outage season.