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Power BI – Delivering Data Visualizations That Boost Business Insight

Your business deserves to be driven by good decisions.

But the decisions that take a business from good to great don’t happen by accident; they’re propelled by data.

Here’s the problem.

A lot of business leaders, like you, are confident in their decision making but are unsure if they are getting the right story from their data.

Their reasoning is, “If my decisions are only as good as the information I have at the time, then how good is my information?”

Their thinking is not wrong.

In fact, companies across the San Francisco Bay area have data scattered in various on-premise and cloud applications along with excel spreadsheets and documents.

Power BI Enables You To Pull Your Business Data Together And Visualize It!

There are a lot of applications on the market that are used to store data.

And while it’s fantastic to have your data close by, if you can’t organize it and visualize what that data is telling you about your business, it’s useless to you.

Power BI helps your business make the most of the thousands of points of information that you currently have in web applications, cloud storage, Excel spreadsheets, and databases.

The Intivix team knows how valuable data visualization is to your decision making and has put together an impressive e-book that tells you about:

  • Power BI and all its capabilities
  • Power BI for Data visualization
  • Power BI Desktop
  • Analyzing data with Power BI
  • Sharing data with Power BI
  • Reporting with Power BI

It’s time for your business to get smart about the use of data, analytics, and visualization of business statistics, and it all starts with the free Power BI ebook from Intivix. Download the book now by CLICKING HERE.

What does Power BI do for San Francisco Bay Area Companies?

Think of Power BI as your company’s data to action steps translator. Just like a language translator helps individuals understand what is being spoken in another language, Power BI helps companies just like yours understand what their data is saying about their marketing, finances, employees, product lines, and more.

Businesses use Power BI to:

  • Pull in their data to a central platform
  • Visualize their data
  • Solve complex data-wrangling problems
  • Clean, shape, and model their data
  • Help them make better decisions based on data-driven facts
  • Experience their company’s statistical information in a visual format instead of spreadsheets and databases

What is Power BI?

Power BI is made up of three basic parts:

  • Power BI Desktop – Is a downloadable user interface allows you to pull in your data, manage data, and set up reports.
  • Power BI Service – Is a web application (You can find it at that holds reports, dashboards, and data sets created within Power BI. The advantage of Power BI Service is that with this cloud application, you can share your dashboards and data visualizations with anyone.
  • Power BI Mobile App – Is an application built on a smartphone or tablet that allows you to access reports and dashboards on the go.

How do San Francisco Bay Area Businesses Use Power BI?

Four simple steps within Power BI will help your business spot trends, enable you to make big decisions, and encourage company growth.

Step #1 – Create a Report in Power BI Desktop.

This consists of pulling in your datasets from wherever they are being kept, creating stunning visualizations from those data sets either with the pre-built templates available or with a custom visualization building approach.

Step #2 – Publish Report to Power BI Service (web application).

Pushing (or “publishing”) the report that you have created in the desktop application of Power BI to the web application allows you to create more visualizations and dashboards.

Step #3 – Use BI Mobile App to View and Interact with Your Dashboards.

The Power BI Mobile App helps you make the most of your time and efforts to understand what your company’s data is saying about your current trajectory and future plans. Having all that business insight in a mobile device helps you stay on top of trends and make informed, immediate decisions.

Step #4 – Share Your Power BI Dashboards with Colleagues, Vendors, and Clients.

Because the running of a business and business decision making is a team effort, every member of your team will need access – at some level – to your data and data visualizations you have created in Power BI. The Power BI web application allows you and your team to collaborate on, discuss, edit, and manage your data-driven visualizations resulting in better business growth choices.

The IT services and IT security staff of Intivix know what it takes to leverage technology for business insight and advantage. We’ve put together this Power BI free ebook to introduce you to the advantages of Power BI, and if you’re already using Power BI, we want to help you get more out of it.

Are you ready to learn more? We’ve got the Power BI ebook for you! CLICK HERE to go to the download page.