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Research Claims Using Emojis as Passwords is More Secure

Online security is more serious than ever, as we’ve seen with large companies becoming victims of breaches. It can be difficult to remember all of your passwords since you’re encouraged to switch them up for each site and device. Password security is about to get more fun and creative. New security software is going to make it possible to use emojis as passwords instead of numbers, letters and keyboard symbols, which will actually be more secure than traditional 4-digit PINS.


Emojis as More Secure Passwords

The human brain is not programmed to work verbally or digitally. Instead, it works on imagery, making images the best way to recall what needs to be remembered. A British firm has recently revealed a new security system that will replace the traditional four-digit personal identification number (PIN), like what you see on your iPhone, with a sequence of emoji symbols. There will be 44 emoji icons to choose from that will allow for nearly 3,500,000 permutations. This offers many more choices than the 7,290 repeating digits, meaning emoji pass codes will be 480 times more secure.


The Next Generation of Passwords

The British firm, Intelligent Environments (IE), which is proposing emojis as passwords, has done extensive research on the subject. A study showed that out of 1,300 people they polled, one-third have forgotten their PINs in the past. When it comes specifically to millennials, 64% communicate only with emojis on a regular basis. They also noted that kids love emojis, making the idea more of a selling point. Based on their findings, IE wanted to reinvent the password for a new generation.


Tips for Using Emojis as Passwords 

IE is currently in discussions with banks to make this new technology available over the next 12 months. The experts who have created the technology have recommendations to remember your emoji sequence. They say that you should create a story, such as one that pertains to your own daily life. For example, if you start off with your baby crying, then coffee, then you head to work where you use a computer, then a bike ride at lunch, you would use: baby, coffee, computer, bike.


Will the Emoji Password Take Off?

With the promise of increased security, along with a new generation of online users, there is a strong chance the emoji as a password will become popular. Hackers will have to run through many more cycles to break their codes. There are critics of the system that think it is only a gimmick and do not believe emojis will increase password security. They believe many will use the same pattern, equivalent to the 1-2-3-4 password. There are also those who note that most websites cannot recognize emojis as passwords, and traditional mobile device and computer keyboards don’t have a user-friendly input system for emojis yet. Time is going to tell if the emoji will become the next form of password security.