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Intivix is the Risk Management and Compliance Consultant Your Business Needs to Stay IT-Secure

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that in today’s computer-networked business world of security vulnerabilities that any business needs to have regular risk management and compliance assessments. If not, you’re leaving the door open to a host of potentially-costly scenarios which a seasoned risk management and compliance consultant like Intivix can help prevent to a great degree.

Why Put Your Business Unnecessarily at Risk?

Your business faces enough risks without making your fundamental operations processes one of them. A well-timed breakdown in your IT security, email, or network could hurt you when you are most vulnerable. Companies need a comprehensive assessment of their IT capabilities at important transition points to remain confident of their stability.

Intivix has performed many risk management and compliance consultant projects for emerging and mid-sized companies, using proven methodologies, tools, and templates to minimize the cost. We present a detailed report with our prioritized recommendations.

A side benefit is the delivery of a concise documentation package that provides all the detailed information necessary to provide effective, efficient IT support in one convenient location. This documentation package protects you from loss of important details if key IT support personnel leave the company.

The Intivix IT security assessment provides you the peace of mind that your technology investments are secure, working as designed & that your employees remain efficient.

The Risk Management and Compliance Consultant for SF Bay Area Outfits

The Intivix team strengthens the relationship between our IT staff and our clients by providing the winning combination of technology experts and care for day-to-day system operations that equals the kind of business IT leadership you need.

It’s the value we place on the relationship between our IT advisors and your staff that’s at the heart of how we operate. We are a one-on-one care kind of company. We can walk with our clients through any IT challenge, guiding them on the necessary steps for their business’ growth due to our relevant experience and know-how.

Part of that trust built between our executive IT advisors and your own executive team results in us being able to offer better advice for your company. Why? Well, when you trust us as your risk and compliance consulting team, you let us into more of your thinking and future planning. This gives us the opportunity to help shape our strategic IT consulting better and give you the best IT advice for your company’s future growth.

Over the years, the guidance given by our experienced team of risk management experts and service techs has saved the executives of many companies the headaches (and the financial losses) suffered by other companies who chose to go with lesser-experienced MSPs.

The Intivix team strengthens the relationship between our IT staff and our clients by providing the winning combination of technology experts and care for day-to-day system operations resulting in the kind of business IT leadership you need.

We Have the Key to HIPAA Compliance (and Other Industry Compliance)

You know that HIPAA compliance is a critical foundation for any Life Sciences business dealing with personal health information.  Medical technology, pharmaceutical, and therapy companies collecting patient data are required to be compliant in addition to medical providers.

Penalties for violations can be severe, and enforcement is escalating.   Did you also know that you are also responsible for the compliance of “business associates” who may have access to sensitive data or systems, including your IT services provider?  HIPAA compliance is serious business – so we’ve stepped up our risk management and compliance consultancy to meet the demands.

IT system controls, stability, and security are a key part of this foundation.  Intivix is HIPAA compliant as a business associate and builds these controls into our standard processes for all IT security managed services clients.  And, if you need help with the full range of HIPAA compliance beyond IT related requirements, we have relationships with nationally recognized HIPAA consultants with cost-effective legislative compliance solutions.

If you’re an early-stage company, startup, or otherwise young and growing, you can either wait to get compliant until absolutely necessary (not recommended), or you can put in all appropriate IT controls and processes now at no extra cost.

If you’re already an established provider, we can take the burden of maintaining the evolving IT requirements for HIPAA and other compliance regimens off your staff while we provide reliable and consistent technical support services.

As a risk management and compliance consultant, we also provide compliance consulting for those in the financial, retail, education, and other industries that fall under certain other compliance regulations like FINRA, SOX, PCI-DSS, GLBA, and the EU-US Privacy Shield Compliance Act.

Protect Your Vital Data with a Network Security Audit

As hackers have become better at exploiting system weaknesses, it’s more important than ever to protect your data using sophisticated security processes. If your security is weak or outdated, you risk leaving your network vulnerable to hackers who can steal your proprietary information or even use your servers to attack other companies, leaving you open to potential legal action.

Our Intivix team of risk management and compliance consultants will conduct a network security audit to determine your company’s security strengths and weak points. We have a wide range of security services that we can implement to keep your computer networks safe and secure.

Get the Risk Assessment and Compliance Consulting Your Business Needs

You don’t want to leave your business open to opportunistic hackers that could steal your data and leak confidential information, or hold it for ransom. Let Intivix conduct a quick and easy network security audit so that we can determine exactly where your network needs corrective action. We’ll look over all of your software and hardware to correct any risks or vulnerabilities that you may have.

Our job at Intivix is to keep your company’s network as safe as possible. We have engineers throughout the Bay Area in cities such as San Francisco, Oakland, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, Dublin, and San Rafael who are ready to work with you to reduce your security and compliance violation risk and keep your network interminably secure.

Give us a call today at (415) 543 1033 or email us and we can get started working for you right away as your reliable and consistent risk management and compliance consultants!