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Awareness of Security Threats in Future Technology Trends

The Internet of Things is an expanding network in which everyday objects have network connectivity and are able to transmit data. These devices can include everything from watches to car computers. As the expansion of the Internet of Things continues, many individual users and businesses are struggling to implement the infrastructure necessary to handle the advancing security threats.

What Are the Security Threats?

As consumers, it’s easy for us to “plug and go.” We rarely think about hackers getting into our baby monitors, webcams, Fitbits, or car computers. However, sites like this one are becoming more prevalent. Hackers are able to log in with the devices default passwords to gain a view inside your home. Recently, two security researchers were able to successfully hack into the computer system aboard a Jeep Cherokee, gaining control of its entertainment system, windshield wipers, and eventually disabling its accelerator.

How to Protect Yourself

In order to make sure the Internet of Things survives, manufacturers and end users need to remain aware of the security threats these devices are open to. By broadening our range of security measures and implementing a multilayered approach to closing the vulnerability gaps, we can address not only the obvious security problems, but we can target the underlying issues as well.

Intivix Can Help in the Meantime

In order to keep you secure from hackers and other threats, Intivix will run a security data analysis to find where your network is most vulnerable to attacks and set up your platform infrastructure using solutions like Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite or Amazon Web Services to address common Internet of Things scenarios. We’ll mitigate your risk of falling victim to enhanced security threats attacking your devices. For more ways that Intivix can protect your network from security threats and optimize your use of the Internet of Things, contact us today.