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Living a balanced life. One Service Coordinator’s cup of tea.

Meet David Hathaway, our IT Service Coordinator. You may already have. If you’ve ever called or opened a job ticket with our Help Desk, David might have answered your call. He’s just one of our superstars in our Corvallis office.

David is the calm in the storm. With a cool, steady, “I’ve got this” demeanor that leaves clients with a “Wow, that didn’t hurt a bit!” feeling. It’s no wonder. As it is with so many of our people, there’s a whole other aspect to their lives that is their key to a balanced life. For David, it’s his family, life on the farm and his passion for tea.

David is a 4th generation Oregonian and farmer. In fact, his great grandfather, Hiel Hathaway, settled in the Willamette Valley in 1852 on his way from Michigan to California in search of gold. The Native American unrest cut many a fortune seeker’s journey short to the Golden State. Lucky for Hiel, he staked his claim on some of the most beautiful and fertile farmlands in the Pacific Northwest. One of which was a large hop farm on Kiger Island that Heil gave to his sons and converted to a dairy.

David’s grandfather, Elmer Hathaway, bought the dairy from his brothers and ran the dairy with his son James, David’s dad, who took over the operation at the young age of 19. David’s dad phased out the dairy and transitioned the farm to seed production. He raises oats, barley, wheat, sugar beet seed, various clovers, peppermint oil, pumpkin seed, alfalfa, grass seed, and most recently hazelnuts.

“After a busy day in front of the computer, there is nothing I love better than coming home and working with my daughter in the garden. She is the fifth generation on our family farm and the opportunity to pass on our collective knowledge and tradition is priceless. I feel blessed to occupy two such different worlds. I couldn’t be happier.”



It was the shade of those Hazelnut trees that had David look into tea production. Seems nut groves are found in this ideal place.  Tea grows in the  shade crops, such as tea. He discovered, one of their neighboring farms had been successfully growing tea since the 80s, and knew tea was something to explore. And delved in.


While farming would always be in David’s blood, the family computer (DOS) piqued his interest in technology early on. Fascinated with graphics and data manipulation, he landed his first opportunity to provide direct tech support nearby at Hewlett Packard Corvallis. It was here David discovered his gift for solving problems and bringing order back to people’s lives, as well as his wife, Candace.

Fast forward 17 years and his steep in experience, he was thrilled to join the Intivix team. Almost as much as we were thrilled to have him.

“Today’s technology allows Intivix to service our clients from a few locations, and still seem like a seamless operation. While our team in the San Francisco Bay locations may thrive in the urban vibe of one of the most vibrant cities in the world, our crew in Corvallis prefers a slower pace of life in the heart of the Willamette Valley. A lifestyle they wouldn’t trade for the world.”


As Service Coordinator and Help Desk Engineer, David hits the ground running.  He services clients with remote users all over the world. It’s not uncommon for him to field calls from the Brazilian Rain Forest to Mozambique.  He solves issues for customers flying on planes, sailing on boats, you name it. David’s day is non-stop managing service requests, incoming tickets, calls, and scheduling on-site tech visits in the Bay area.


David truly values his time on the farm with his wife Candace and 9-year old daughter, Cora.  Cora loves horse-back riding, the violin, and video games.  While Saturdays are time for the whole family, Sundays are reserved for one-on-one time with Cora, riding their mules, gardening and exploring 235 acres of beautiful beaches, groves, fields, and everything else 235 acres on Kiger Island has to offer.

David swore off coffee, switched to tea.  Then began learning secretive tea processing techniques from China and Japan that were thousands of years old. He found the artisan element to creating tea that he hadn’t encountered in other gardening projects.  The more he learned, the more he began to truly appreciate all the flavors.  One can produce with the help of regional climates and careful processing.

Aside from the pleasure of making his own tea, David’s goal is to create a genetically diverse plot and identify varieties of tea that can thrive throughout the Willamette Valley. He acquires seed from Nepal, Republic of Georgia and Hawaii, a mix of seed originating in China, Japan and India. The project is going well. Five years and 300 plants in, David is now producing handmade black and green teas. Maybe he’ll let us sample this labor of love.

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