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It’s Time to Learn Something New…About Seth

What do motorcycle riding, songwriting, and Muay Thai have in common? Seth Heitzmann, Director of Project Engineering and Business Partner at Intivix. If that combination has you scratching your head just a little bit, then you need to read on because Seth’s interests don’t stop there.

Seth, an eight-year veteran of Intivix and heads up the project engineering team. He expanded the Intivix team by opening an office in Corvallis, Oregon, where he’s added talent to the team and found a lifestyle a little less frenetic than in the San Francisco Bay Area, his original home. With Corvallis’ easy access to both the coast and mountains, he takes full advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings to fuel his passion for motorcycle riding. On his Suzuki DR650, he’s been able to tackle a variety of terrain, with trips up and down the coast, out on mountain trails, over sandy beaches and even in the snow. While he has encountered a bear or two out on the trails, his adventures so far haven’t involved any serious misadventures, so he’ll keep on riding (when it’s not raining, anyway, but that’s Oregon for you).

When Seth isn’t spending time on his motorcycle, he focuses a ton of energy on music, a life- long interest that’s brought both a great creative outlet and great people into his life over the years. Seth sings lead vocals and plays guitar in his current band, The Wrented, with a talented drummer, Sam Lay, a student at Oregon State University (now graduated, running his own recording business – Seth’s pretty proud of his bandmate’s progress). Formed in 2016, The Wrented plays gritty, guitar and drum-driven rock and roll. Seth puts serious creative elbow grease into songwriting and together the guys work out music and melody till they’ve got it right where they want it (perfectionists, both, and Seth doesn’t leave his work ethic at the Intivix office). They’re currently working on recording a new album, so be sure to keep an eye out!

With the hard work at Initivix and hardcore rock and rolling, Seth had to find an outlet to decompress. He was one of those karate kind of kids, so it’s not too surprising that he has taken up Muay Thai as an adult. Muay Thai originated in Thailand, is a martial arts style that uses the fists, elbows, knees, and shins for fighting. He focuses on the challenge of the style as exercise, continually practices new techniques, and can get pretty fierce with his sparring partner (when he’s back from the gym, his wife’s first question is always “Any injuries?”).

If you are starting to see a trend of constantly exploring new, challenging interests, you’d be right. Seth‘s a naturally curious and knowledge-driven guy. He’s constantly on the lookout for new input into his hobbies (just ask him how many different guitar pedals, amps, guitars and other music gear he’s studied up on) and in addition to his I.T. savvy, he has a recording engineering degree. When it comes to his role at work, he made his path to Partner at Intivix with the initiative to pursue multiple certifications and is always honing his expertise in project engineering. And he “geeks” out with the best of them by keeping up on the latest in the tech industry. He even visited the set of Leo Laporte’s The New Screen Savers as a birthday surprise from his wife, Amy (he’s followed Leo Laporte’s tech news since he was a teenager).

Keeping It All Together:

By now, you must be wondering… how does Seth keep the balance between work, school, continuous learning, and home. He can always rely on the support of his family, including his parents and siblings, and his wife Amy. Though his parents and most siblings (he has three sisters and one brother) still live near San Francisco, one of his sisters, Noelle, also left the Bay Area for Oregon, so she’s nearby. He enjoys family get-togethers, which inevitably revolve around delicious food, great wine, and a family closeness he really treasures, especially when as many of the family as possible come to visit together.

Seth and his wife Amy got together 15 years ago, thanks to a computer virus, when Seth was an I.T. guy at Amy’s law firm. They’ve had some pretty adventurous times (including moving to Mexico for a while) but their lives have settled down a bit since moving to Oregon (and “settled down” includes getting married!). They brought a puppy home from Mexico, Uva, a mutt who looks like she’s got golden retriever and terrier, maybe whippet, in there somewhere. Then they adopted her brother Miles (as in Davis), a feisty little Chihuahua mix, from a rescue in Oregon. The four of them hang out on the trails around their house and on their tree-shaded deck as often as the Oregon rain lets them.

Seth believes his willingness to pour himself into gaining knowledge in his varied interests has helped him get to where he is today. He’s the kind of guy who takes the initiative to work toward improvement, to makes changes when it’s for the greater good, and to bring value to those around him, including Intivix clients. Always striving to reflect the Intivix core values, Seth truly cares about Intivix clients; he invests himself in finding out what their needs are and achieving solutions that are timely, efficient and effective. If you’ve had the pleasure of working with Seth, you’ve likely found this to be true.

What’s next for Seth? Good question…that’s something only Seth can answer. But I guarantee, like us, you may be surprised by what it is, but you won’t be surprised that he gives it 110%!


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