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Sharing Health Data Safely And Securely

Apple is taking a big stride forward in the world of personal health and well-being with the recent iOS15 launch. They are making it easier, and far less manual, for individuals to share health and wellness information with their physician, through their electronic media records, via the Health app.

woman in the doctors office

A new “sharing” function has been added to the Health app that enables individuals to decide if they would like to share personal health information and who they would like to share it with (physicians or loved ones). Currently, the type of health data that can be shared includes:

  • Heart rate
  • Detected falls
  • Hours of sleep
  • Exercise minutes

In addition, there are a few other key health measurements that can be shared if the associated apps sync with the Health app. Blood pressure readings are one example.

Why Is This Important?

Tracking changes in health and wellness are an important part of staying healthy. However, changes in health can often be subtle and not easy to catch if the details are not tracked properly. By using the Health app, tracking the relevant health information, and sharing the information with your physician. Medical professionals can see the overall trends and could potentially detect areas of concern earlier.

Having these trends and health data points can also help fill in the blanks. Especially for your physician during your regular clinical appointments. Often, we remember recent information, not necessarily details that happened weeks or months ago. The Health app can help bridge that gap and provide data that we may not think to share.

Is My Health Information Private?

The Health app provides users with control over what health information is shared and who it is shared with. For example, the user may decide to share all information with their physician. While only sharing one of two pieces of data with a family member.

Data that is shared with others is encrypted. While in transit, and while it is at rest on an individual’s device, if that device is locked. And, Apple does not have access to your health information.

sharing health info

Is This Available To Everyone?

The Health app is available to those on the iOS15 platform; however, the sharing aspect is not widely available yet. Currently, six health care record companies are participating in the launch. They will roll-out of sharing health information via the Health app. These companies will be monitor the use of the app. The number of individuals that use the app, and how often physicians use the shared data. This information will be used to enhance the functionality and broader roll-out in the coming months.

A Proactive Approach

An app that can help share additional details and show important trend information. This will help create a more proactive approach to managing our health and well-being. Appointments with physicians, eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough rest are all steps towards living a healthy life. Which in turn, can lead to maximized health over the long run.

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