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Southern Charm Meets Marketing & Sales. Get to Know Our Shawne Albritton

Southern hospitality. You’ve probably heard the phrase, but have you ever experienced it? If you’ve spoken with our Marketing and Sales Admin, Shawne Albritton, then you most definitely have! 

Shawne’s been with Intivix for almost two years and plays a role in nearly all things marketing and sales related. From search engine optimization on the Intivix website to sharing our valuable content in the form of articles on our blog to handling the scheduling process for potential Intivix clients to building email campaigns, Shawne leaves her fingerprint on so many things. In fact, if you’ve received an email from Intivix, Shawne crafted it, and created it with care and immense attention to detail. 

Now, if you’ve spoken with Shawne on the phone, you may hear a slight accent. That’s because she was born and raised in Lakeland, Florida. When most people think of Florida, theme parks and beaches typically come to mind. That’s not what our Shawne’s all about. Shawne used to live on a ranch, has vaccinated cows and you may have caught her cheering at a rodeo once or twice. She loves rural living so much that when she and her family moved off the ranch, they stuck close and moved into a small town surrounded by cattle farms and orange groves. It’s the side of Florida that not everyone has the opportunity to see, and it’s the side that Shawne loves. 

Family Is Everything!

Shawne’s a true family forward person, both in her personal life and her work life. She and her husband of 27 years have two amazing children, ages 26 and 23, and Shawne’s Mom lives with them. For Shawne, this is the perfect scenario because her Mom truly is her hero – someone she looks up to and indicates “she is a beautiful person”. And, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Shawne spends her free time helping with her local church as well as the youth group. And those teens couldn’t be happier! 

Family picnics and parties are a staple in Shawne’s family, primarily because get-togethers quickly turn into a party when you have a large family. One of the last picnics was only 30 people – yep, only 30, not everyone was able to attend. That didn’t stop them from enjoying a few rounds of corn hole and board games. Board games and cards are a regular occurrence at family gatherings, and at the Albritton house. Scrabble and Phase 10 top the list of favorites. Scrabble, however, brings out the competitive side in Shawne, her goal is to beat her husband at the game…we know she’ll do it! 

Being Passionate!

Cooking is also a passion of Shawne’s, specifically southern cooking. Her Chicken and Dumplings dish is the talk of the town, and when you end the meal with nanner puddin pie (similar to a banana pudding), you’ve got a complete, delicious southern meal that goes together like peas and carrots. And, don’t forget about her sweet tea, which you wouldn’t if you had the opportunity to try it! 

Her family focus follows her to Intivix as well. She sees her professional life like a second family and loves working with the company. Even though she’s based in Florida, Intivix feels like a family to her – a slightly remote family. The family vibe extends through her client interactions as well. She’s focused on doing what’s best for the client, is loyal, and dedicated. You can be sure that if Shawne tells you she is going to do something, that she’ll get it done. And, she’ll get it done with an amazingly positive attitude that carries through everything she does. 

Oh, and one more fun tidbit…she’s a big fan of alligator. If you’d like to hear that story though, you’ll need to ask Shawne.