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Single Sign-On Benefits for Your Business

Single sign-on capabilities allow the user to access programs and applications with one single entry of their login credentials. With single sign-on enabled, a user can instantly be connected to other applications simply by logging into a single application such as Office 365.

Single Sign-On Reduces Costs of Help Desks

Up to 50% of all help desk related calls are based around forgotten passwords. The average cost of help desk costs for each password reset amounts to $70. By utilizing single sign-on, users no longer have to memorize a long list of unique passwords that they are more than likely to forget. Having fewer passwords to keep track of reduces the amount of calls placed to the help desk for password resets, saving you money.

Single Sign-On Boosts Productivity

Login processes can take your users a longer time if your organization uses strict password policies. Users may have to pull out an unsecured list or enter the password multiple times. Consequently, if they get locked out, they may have to call for a password reset, which may take a while. By using single sign-on capabilities, your users can enter one password and cut down significantly on failed logins and the chance of failed login, allowing them to get to work sooner.

Improve Compliance and Security with Single Sign-On

Single sign-on helps encourage users to use other security applications such as secure file sharing. By utilizing other security applications, your business can maintain HIPAA and PCI DSS compliances. Using Intivix to help make security easier to achieve allows for more employee buy-in. This reduces the application workaround that happens when employees deem the login process too difficult or not user-friendly enough.

Business to Business Collaboration is Encouraged with Single Sign-On

If your business relies on collaboration with other businesses, single sign-on can help projects get completed in a fraction of the time. Intivix can help your business centralize authentication management, enabling users to log in and instantly gain access to shared applications. This helps drastically reduce production time and allows you to deliver products and services more quickly.

Intivix Can Help

Intivix can provide several solutions to help you secure your network and data with single sign-on, including implementing Office 365 Portal and extending your directory structure to the Cloud. We develop a plan for your business and take care of implementation in order for you to get the most out of your single sign-on capabilities. Give us a call and see how Intivix can help single sign-on work for you.