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What Are the Advantages of Moving to Single Sign-On For My Business?

Technology is an amazing thing.  The online tools and software available to us have changed the face of business dramatically.  The problem is, each platform has its own login and password information.  It can get very confusing trying to keep track of it all.  Especially when there are multiple employees involved.  Single Sign-On is a simple, elegant solution to this problem.  It is a service that promises big and delivers.

How does a single secure login work?

Single secure login is a cloud-based service.  In essence, it gathers all of your cloud computing platforms under one umbrella and streamlines access to the entire portal via a singular username and password.

There are a number of benefits to switching to Single Sign-On not the least of which is no longer having to keep multiple usernames and passwords straight in your mind!

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When you hire Intivix for single secure login implementation, we integrate all your current corporate online services into one portal with a singular secure username and password.  To access your platforms, you simply log in, and a drop-down menu directs you to the service of your choice.  The advantage to this is simplicity on all fronts.  No more complicated username and password combinations to keep track of, and no more need to log in separately to a variety of different services.  Everything is there for you in one central location with easy accessibility to all employees.

Single Sign-On has many great features to improve the workflow of your business.

Administrative Access

Administrative access is streamlined and simplified as well.  In the past, adding or removing employees from your various platforms was a complicated and time-consuming process.  With Single Sign-On, it is a one-time action that takes just minutes to complete.  Add an employee by assigning them a company password and remove them by deleting it.  It’s really that easy!

Support for Mobile Devices

One of the most practical uses of Single Sign-On is its portability.  Your singular password acts as an access code which can be used from any device, at any time, and anywhere in the world.  You can log into your company’s professional services on your smartphone or laptop or even a tablet thus increasing the efficiency of your daily workflow.

Increased Efficiency

We’ve discussed the benefits of no longer having to keep track of complicated login and password combinations for a variety of different platforms.  But single secure login services provide so much more than that. Single Sign-On saves time! Even a few saved minutes each day is saved money in a business where every dollar counts.

IT professionals field lots of phone calls per year regarding password retrieval.  Up to 40 percent of all calls received by IT technical support specialists are related in some way to lost passwords.  Password retrievals and resets cost you in terms of time and money!  With single secure login, this is never an issue.  There is only one password to remember! More than all of this, Single Sign-On is convenient, and that which is convenient is frequently valued and used, saving you both time and money.

Improved Security

One might wonder how in the world a singular password can lead to improved security for your business.  It’s a good question!  Implementing a Single Sign-On solution increases security as all of those sprawling web application credentials are stored under one umbrella; when a user leaves the organization, administrators can disable that account, which by extension, locks out all the other applications assigned to the user. This saves an enormous amount of time compared to disabling accounts for the user across all those individual applications! Coupled with two-factor authentication, access to the Single Sign-On is secure and easy.

Enhanced Productivity

Employees prefer to use tools that are easily accessible.  This is no different with Single Sign-On.  This efficient service will make it simpler to access the tools employees need to get their jobs done most efficiently.  Platforms with more complicated authentication systems would largely have been ignored in the past.  Since Single Sign-On makes accessing all online programs so simple, employees use the tool that is right for the job instead of the one that is the easiest to come by, and this, in turn, leads to increases in productivity.

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