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Trade Secrets Smart Marketing Professionals Already Know

Selecting the Right Marketing Software is an Earmark of Business Leadership by Smarts Marketing Professionals Trade Secrets

Are your IT and business operations processes not quite in alignment or meeting your expectations? You’re not alone. Many businesses are having this issue right now, and we want to address how the role of marketing software in digital transformation can hugely improve your business leadership credibility and overall IT operations.

We aim to show in this article how choosing the right email marketing software, for one, can have a deeply transformative influence on your business.

From changing consumer preferences to reshaping the way businesses produce and market goods, marketing software and its alignment with technology use and leadership roles shouldn’t be underestimated.

Evident even in the smallest details of day-to-day business operations, making this part of your operations increases the productivity of workers and investments, accelerates economic activity, promotes interdependence between industries and allows for the continued deployment of new technologies – but, also creates new business risks that must be mitigated.

Intivix digital marketing consultants can help get you to that place.

Marketing Software Propels Productivity

Through process improvement, developing worker skills and product development, the right use of marketing technology tends to increase productivity in business operations.

While the exact size of that improvement is still a matter of academic debate, technologies like email marketing software make communication about business operations considerably faster and easier, with one of the end results being an increase in the overall productivity of workers.

Technologies like online customer service and client support pages also reduce the need for personal attention and increase the productivity of investments in these areas without sacrificing client experience.

Having the right tools, people, and resources is the key to an efficient marketing machine. Each one, by itself, contributes to the organization only to a certain extent. However, finding the right combination will contribute to your company creating a growth-oriented environment for itself – and, by proxy, for your clients.

And this is where management leadership is very important.

Some companies relegate important platforms like email marketing and marketing automation software to use by inexperienced personnel or interns. Without proper expertise – or at least coaching and mentoring from experts who have already met with success – resources are wasted on lackluster efforts.

It’s not just the tools that are important, it is the people and the resources they use. Many companies say that digital marketing is very important, yet fail to free up resources and make it a priority.

Intivix encourages you to be one of those companies that can walk its marketing talk. As such, why not invest in the skills and software necessary to ensure your technology provides a substantial return on your marketing investment?

Finding the right platform and infrastructure (along with security) is also key to creating an environment for growth. A good email marketing platform can foster the right environment for sales growth and retention opportunities.

Email marketing vendors are accommodating their target market better through adopting the best marketing software out there. Your needs are more likely to be catered to if the vendor’s portfolio includes similar companies to your own. When evaluating a platform’s functionality, don’t forget to see if they have an industry focus. (A function of segmentation or reporting for instance built for casual use isn’t the same as for intensive use.)

At first glance, it might seem like a feature that doesn’t address fundamental business challenges. However, certain data shows an increase in open rates of 23 percent on average, which presents a very attractive proposition for small and mid-sized businesses looking to get a better return on their marketing investments.

Is this you?

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Moreover, developments like these show that vendors are building functionalities useful to their specific audience. The boardroom’s responsibility here is to find a vendor that is on-par with the ambitions of the company — both now and in the future.

Marketing Software, Globalization, and Interdependence

The ease with which companies can communicate and transfer resources on a global scale makes them more likely to conduct business with a global web of clients and suppliers.

Technology like Internet video conferencing and instant access to economic data from around the world makes it just as feasible to conduct business or make investments in a neighboring town as doing so on another continent. Technology like digital marketing software facilitates this integration and interdependence through improvements in business communications.

Embracing New Technology

As technological innovation makes consumers want new types of products, businesses must adjust their operations to meet new market demands. Businesses must also integrate new technologies, such as computers and software packages, into their daily operations and production cycle and provide new products such as increased mobile compatibility for a line of electronics, for instance.

Driven by consumer desires for new technological goods and more convenient technological services, businesses can compete with each other based on their pace of innovation and adoption of new technologies.

A note for the “late adopters” of technology systems: Information and communications technologies (ICT) such as email automation software or sales and marketing software can be used to support many of your business activities, from internal business systems to business communications to electronic commerce.

While you may need to make an initial investment in resources, this kind of electronic business (or “e-business”) strategy can improve your efficiency in the long run by saving you time and streamlining your processes.

It can also open up new opportunities for collaboration and the exchange of data, all of which can ultimately contribute to an increase in revenue as well.

Consider these words of wisdom from digital marketing mavens McKinsey & Company in their article, “How Digital Marketing Operations Can Transform Business”:

“Digital marketing operations involves the application of capabilities, processes, structures, and technologies to cost-effectively exploit and scale the interactivity, targeting, personalization, and optimization of digital channels. As the example of the consumer-products company shows, marketing operations has a critical role in driving bottom-line growth. That capability directly enables the speed, agility, iterative development, experimentation, and responsiveness that successful companies need to react to and shape the marketplace.

Yet the “best” marketing technology isn’t necessarily what’s best for an organization. For example, an overriding consideration may be how well a particular solution integrates with legacy systems or how well it meets specific requirements [or company goals].

One global technology original-equipment manufacturer, for instance, set out to create a personalized content-delivery system across all touchpoints. Beginning with a clear vision of its ideal client-delivery needs, it defined key performance indicators, outputs, and levels of personalization, and then it set out to assemble the technology that could do it.

But it also needed a solution that could play nicely with the company’s many legacy systems and would also be easy for a large group of global marketers to implement and manage day today. The company wound up combining off-the-shelf data, content, and analytics platforms with a personalization engine.”

The Role of Data in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation initiatives require a “data-first” approach where access to the information is paramount to the client journey – and digital marketing solutions are at the forefront of this idea. Reducing complexity by adding new hyper-converged solutions while also leveraging your existing systems of record (SOR) investment and rapid access to data in applications (like email marketing) or systems of engagement (SOE) provide your IT the ability to be agile in delivering results to the business lines.

The conclusion of a Genpact Study on the impact of technology on business processes was this:

Business process operations have entered a new phase of accelerated transformation that demands a network re-design, thanks to now-mature, powerful technologies. Cloud-based and mobile applications, advanced analytics, and powerful collaboration tools multiply the effect of well-understood operating model levers such as shared services, outsourcing, global delivery, and process re-engineering.

However, the applicability and impact of these technologies is not uniformly high, according to almost 1,000 business executives polled by an independent research firm in a survey commissioned by Genpact.

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