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Let The Cloud Enhance Your Business

In today’s business world, the ability to quickly access, share, and secure files is more important than ever. Whether you are using your own servers or a private cloud to protect and share your data, you need to be certain that you’ll always have access to the files that you need. Intivix can help you migrate onto Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, cloud computing platforms where you’ll be able to navigate your data any time you want. Get the best cloud service in San Francisco and enhance your business by adding the ability to work anywhere. Our team at Intivix has over 20 years of experience in the hosting field, and we’d love to use that knowledge to help you get the most out of your business.


Intivix Cloud Servers & Cloud
Hosting Services

At Intivix, we offer a plethora of cloud hosting services in addition to cloud servers. Here are some of
the solutions that we offer our clients:


We provide consultations for our clients so that they know all of their options when it comes to the cloud. Whether you are looking to migrate your data to another server or you want to secure the data that you are currently housing, we can help you figure out which avenue best fits the needs of your business.

Data Migration Services

We provide data migration services so that you can securely move your data to another server. We can help you navigate options such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services that allow you to remotely access your files and folders stored in the cloud. We also have dedicated servers at Intivix for all of your hosting needs.


Security Assessments

We take the security of your data seriously, and that’s why we offer security assessments. With an assessment, you can figure out exactly how safe your data is, and what measures can be taken to improve your security and protect your data.

Server Support

We provide hosting and support for a variety of servers including SQL, Document Management Systems, Microsoft Active Directory, Sharepoint, Web, Quickbooks, Database, and Exchange.

“With cutting edge technology advancing rapidly and business competition intensifying so quickly, there is no advantage in waiting to optimize our information technology. Every small business needs a firm like Intivix that keeps up and keeps us up on technology today. We leverage Intivix’s expertise to optimize our Internet operations, manage our networking infrastructure, and develop our technical direction. We are happy to have them as a resource.”

Robin Paniagua
Operations Manager ItalFoods, Inc.

Protect Your Data & Reduce Your Risk With Intivix

Protecting your data and ensuring that you have a working backup is critical to your business. You don’t want to get caught without the ability to access crucial files, or left vulnerable to an adverse event like a server crash or a hack. At Intivix, we take pride in providing the best cloud service in San Francisco. Whether your current servers are on-site or in a private cloud, we can provide you with the cloud hosting and cloud server services that you need.

  • Get a consultation on your company’s cloud based options
  • Get a security assessment for your current server or cloud based solution
  • Migrate your data to the cloud or a more secure server
  • Get the right analysis so that your cloud services fit the needs of your business


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