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The Best Backup Software and Hardware for Business Continuity and Disaster Plan

Why having the best backup software is Critical

You don’t want to leave your business vulnerable without a disaster plan. Disasters come in many different shapes. It doesn’t have to be just a fire or a flood—it can be an electrical power surge or even a stolen laptop. At Intivix, we can help your business prepare for any disaster with the best backup software so that you won’t face downtime. We’ll help you to create written documentation for your disaster plan, and we’ll also conduct regular testing of your back-up servers and IT services. The financial ramifications of facing a disaster without a business continuity plan are dire—the IDC estimates that over 90 percent of companies fail after facing a significant data loss. Make sure that you are well prepared with a strong business continuity plan, backup servers, and strong backup software so that your company can recover quickly from any disaster.

Intivix Disaster Planning Services

We provide a host of disaster planning services so that you can ensure your company will quickly
bounce back from any disaster or data loss issues. Our services include the following:

Written documentation and creation of a business continuity plan

Virtual server infrastructure

Replication of data in real-time to backup servers

Hosting of a hot site for quick recovery

“Intivix has been an invaluable resource, helping us with network conversions, security, maintenance and more. However, it’s more than that. They take the time and make an effort to get to really know us and what we do. They understand our role as a non-profit and provide solutions tailored to organizational goals.”

John Schaver
CIO United Way of the Bay Area

Get the Disaster Preparation you need to Avoid Downtime

At Intivix, we’ll provide you with on-going support for business continuity and disaster planning so that you can ensure your business will be able to quickly bounce back from any disaster. We have engineers throughout the Bay Area who are ready to work on improving your company’s disaster planning. It’s our goal to provide our clients with the best backup software and make sure that data recovery is a relatively simple process. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to get started!


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