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Improve Workflow by Integrating your cloud apps for single sign on

Improving Your Workflow With Single Sign On

As the world moves to digital and mobile solutions, improving your company’s efficiency is key to being competitive. That means that you need to easily be able to access your information whenever you need it. Although cloud based systems have made it easier to share data, remembering different username and password combinations for multiple applications can slow down your workflow. At Intivix, our team can improve your workflow by integrating your cloud applications with a single sign on solution. We’ll provide you with a unique, secure portal that integrates all of your cloud applications under a single umbrella. Single sign on removes the need to constantly remember multiple usernames and passwords and enhances your company’s efficiency.

Single Sign On Support Services

We offer several single sign on services and support for your business. They are as follows:

Single Sign On Service

We’ll integrate all of your existing corporate identity services (e.g., Microsoft Active Directory; OpenLDAP; etc.) under a single username and password combination. You will be able to use a secure portal that brings you to a customized menu with all of your company’s online services.

Administrative Access

Manage your employees and their access to your company’s various cloud apps. Employee access can be given or removed from any given application, based on their needs.

Support For Mobile Devices

Connect other mobile devices to the single sign on service, as well as use your desktop or laptop to locate your mobile device, lock it, or delete data remotely.

“With cutting edge technology advancing rapidly and business competition intensifying so quickly, there is no advantage in waiting to optimize our information technology. Every small business needs a firm like Intivix that keeps up and keeps us up on technology today. We leverage Intivix’s expertise to optimize our Internet operations, manage our networking infrastructure, and develop our technical direction. We are happy to have them as a resource.”

Robin Paniagua
Operations Manager ItalFoods, Inc.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses and Reach Your Goals Faster

We are your technology advisors, so before you invest time and effort into a large scale project, talk to our experts and let us know what you are trying to achieve. We know technology and can help you leverage it to get the results you want.


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