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Spam Email & Ransomware: Your Security is Important

Companies everywhere have at least one thing in common: spam email. Spam email consists of nearly identical messages sent to a wide array of email addresses that are collected from chatrooms, websites, mailing lists, and address books. 80% of spam emails, sent by virus-infected computers called “botnets,” contain malicious links to phishing sites and malware disguised as reputable attachments. Fortunately, there are ways to arm yourself against spam email.

How Spam Email Works

Using a criminal organization known as “The Dark Web,” cyber criminals can obtain malware such as Locky Ransomware and TorrentLocker along with the means to distribute it to the masses. For a small monthly fee, these criminals can get their hands on the malware of their choosing, as well as 24/7 support from the organization. Cyber criminals can embed code into Microsoft Word and Excel attachments and send an email with the malicious attachment out to anyone with an email address, including offices, factories, and home users in the form of spam email. Spam email relies on the end user’s lack of knowledge and security to infiltrate the system. When the user opens the attachment, the Ransomware payload is automatically downloaded via the embedded code.

Intivix Has a Solid Defense Against Ransomware and Spam Emails

Intivix knows that to gain the best protection, your network must have a multi-layered defense in place. By using numerous security layers, you are building a network that is harder for cybercriminals to penetrate through. A few ways that Intivix can help create a robust multi-layer defense system for your network is by:

  • Running a security audit to find the holes – known and unknown – in your network
  • Installing gateway appliances for your email that separates unsolicited or unwanted emails from your inbox
  • Setting up digital signatures and server records
  • Disabling macros to stop the automatic execution cybercriminals rely on
  • Installing viewers that allow the user to see a document without opening it
  • Providing tools needed to educate your users on the dangers of spam email

To learn more about the other ways Intivix can help to protect your network from cybercriminals and spam email, contact us today.