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Spreading A Little Hula!

Spread Little Hula - Kahiko Group 2nd place awardAloha From Arnold!

Arnold is a member of the Intivix team, and he’s valued by many of our clients. We don’t know what we’d do without him!

But beyond the world at Intivix, Arnold has another life – that of a dedicated family man who, along with his wife, invests time and energy in their children’s schooling, activities and charitable efforts.

Arnold’s daughter Azlyn attends a non-profit Halau (school) named Hālau Nā Wai Ola. It’s a great school and cultural service organization in the San Francisco Bay Area that promotes the Hawaiian Art of Hula and shares the spirit of Aloha through community service.

The Value Of Hula

Hula Brings The Community Together

This cultural service organization’s competitions bring communities together. Azlyn, Arnold’s young daughter, participates in the school’s Hula competitions and works very hard to always do her best.

In addition to their competitions, the school displays exhibits to educate the public about how Hula and its chants play an important role in preserving Hawaiian history and keeping the culture alive.

It’s a way for Hawaiians to tell their story, which is the heartbeat of Hawaii. And it’s a way to bring “Aloha” to the people in the community.

Hula Brings Arnold’s Family Together

Along with Azla’s Hula competitions, Arnold’s family participates in fundraising activities for the school. They support multiple efforts from bake sales and Parents’ Night-Out, to socks sales.

Their volunteer efforts go beyond Halua. They’ve participated in fundraising for other local charities by running in 5k races, street cleaning and preparing food for the less fortunate through their church.

Spread little Hula photo 1

Hula Helps Azla In Many Ways

Since a young age, Azlyn has been very friendly, and always ready to try new things. According to Arnold, she’s a very strong-minded person. The Hula competitions give her a deeper foundation to build her self-esteem and confidence.

This cultural service organization also contributes to other areas of Azlyn’s life. One of Halau’s missions is “to settle for nothing less than our personal best.” She’s learned to do this in everything from education to sports.

Azlyn always brings an open mind, is ready to learn, and puts forth her personal best in everything that she does. And, Azlyn is Hau’oli (Happy) whatever the outcome of her efforts.

As a result of her training and competitions, Arnold has noticed that Azlyn puts more effort into learning new things. And she pays more attention to the small details.

Competing helps Azlyn to be responsible. She’s learning to be part of a team and is gaining more confidence all the time. She’s also making lots of friends! She now has 18 other girls that she considers her “Hula Sisters.”

Spread Little Hula photo 2

Azlyn Excels In Computing As Well

Like father, like daughter. Azlyn loves learning how to use computers. She’s currently learning how to type without looking at the keys. She’s also been learning about robotics in school!

Would You Care To Contribute To Azlya’s Hula Competitions?

Hālau Nā Wai Ola is trying to raise funds for their competitions and to help offset the expenses for new adornments, and travel expenses for musicians traveling from Hawaii.

Spread Little Hula Photo 3

These funds help Azla and her Hula Sisters concentrate on fine-tuning their craft so that they can participate with confidence and put forth their personal best.

Their goal is to raise $10,000.00. They set up a GoFundMe page that you can visit it at

Intivix was honored to help sponsor Azlyn’s team!