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What? Another “Spring Cleaning Checklist”?

Let me guess.  You’ve already been bombarded with endless posts, sales, ads, tweets emails, pop-ups and more about Spring Cleaning Checklist. But I promise this one is different!
Yeah, right. Well, it is to me. And hopefully to you.

I’ll start with how hard it was to write this article.

Spring Cleaning checklist

Like a responsible writer. I actually did my due diligence on this Spring-Cleaning Tech Checklist topic.  I ventured down the rabbit holes of research and actually did what I’m suggesting that you do. WARNING: Depending on your tech housekeeping habits, this could be a deep and dark hole. But totally worth it.

Forgive me Steve Jobs, for I have sinned.

Frankly, I’ve been guilt-ridden on this topic. A good tech cleanse has been on my “to-do, but never-done list” a while now. A devastating crash is looming. I can feel it. So, without further adieu, let the spring cleansing begin.

FILES and FOLDERS. Time to rank and file.

It may be innate to you, or your workplace demands it. But the organization is the bain of my creative existence. Friends say, “Just use your folders. It makes finding files easy!”  Then they take one look at my desktop and roll their eyes. Can’t blame them, it’s the creative’s curse.

Is that your desktop, or are you playing Concentration?

monitor with sticky notes

But thanks to my research, I found, and actually love these great tips on organizing your files. Today, I am proud to say that have organized my digital closet! I forgot how much I love my desktop background. So serene…

  • Deep Clean Your Downloads Folder
    Another computer epiphany thanks to this assignment. I never knew that purging your Downloads folder was such a biggie. It’s HUGE.  I’m going to miss my Mac’s rolling ball of death. From now on, I’m going to consider downloads folder maintenance like personal computer hygiene. Kind of like flossing daily, eh?
  • Dump the duplicates.
    Yes, if you’re seeing double, or even triple, DELETE ‘EM! That goes for pdfs, docs, photos, all your images, movies, music, apps, and more. Those doppelgangers are hogging valuable space. Need help? There are some sweet apps like this one out there that will do it for you. Just search “duplicate cleaners”.
  • A Fresh Start to the Startup Programs
    I was clueless about this one. I just thought my computers lack of get-up-and-go was just a by-product of everything else I do wrong on my computer. To speed things up, I discovered this helpful hint about Startup Programs! It’s like a triple espresso to the system.


I am not a hoarder, but I’ve got a box of cords, chargers and ancient cables. Actually a quite a few boxes. But there comes a time you must part with them, or create something incredibly impressive.


Mind you, these masterpieces are made dial phones and ancient phone cords. Inspired? I am. But if you’re not, check out these responsible resting grounds for your cords and cables. Can’t decide what to toss and what to keep? Try this link. Meanwhile, I’m still searching for a new home for my obnoxious satellite dish.


We’re talkin’ major EWWWWW when it comes to your mouse and keyboard. Aside from the lint, dirt, fuzz and whatever other crumbs and coffee drops accumulating in and on your keyboard and mouse, there’s likely a bastion of bacteria basking in the glow of your monitor? In fact, this article will have you think twice about tapping those keys.  Or even freak, like I did.

Here’s what you’ll need:

      1. Compressed air duster
      2. Cotton swabs (several)
      3. Towelette or cotton cloth
      4. Gentle isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
      5. Dry, lint-free cloth (like one of those eyeglass cloths)
      6. Toothpick

Here’s what to do, 4 easy steps:
Be sure to shut down and unplug first.

      1. Shake out the loose stuff.
        Pick up that keyboard, turn it upside down, and give it a good shake.
      2. Blow out the deep stuff.
        Get the leftover debris between the keys with a good compressed airing
      3. Wipe and pick off the stuck stuff.
        With a swab(s) dipped in rubbing alcohol, get the goo in-between and around the keys. Dampened your cloth/towelette with alcohol and wipe the key-tops and mouse. Reserve the toothpick for stubborn
      4. Dust and shine!
        Now wipe off the dust and polish your keyboard and mouse with a dry, lint-free cloth. Good as almost new!


It’s time for the ultimate squeaky-clean test for your window to the digital world, your precious monitor. As you might guess, mine definitely failed. So, what did I do? Found out what not to do.

  • Don’t use anything but a lint-free or microfibre cloth, warm water and maybe a mild soap.
  •  Never ever spray liquids directly onto your screen
  •  Windex or the like is a definite no-no
  • Don’t even think about touching that screen with your fingernails or sharp objects

I may have only scratched the surface with this Spring Cleaning Tech Checklist. For a truly deep spring tech cleanse, call the pros at Intivix. They can pick up where I’ve left off. But I hope you found as much value as I certainly did. God save the clean