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Strong Customer Service Plus Solving IT Challenges? Yes, Please

IT problems happen. They happen to the best of us, and they can often happen at inopportune times. And, when you reach out to your internal IT team, or call your Outsourced IT team, what’s the one thing that can make your IT problem, just a little bit better? Good customer service.

It is a Good Feeling

You know what I mean. The IT person you’re speaking to sounds like they have a smile on their face, they genuinely want to help solve your challenge, and you actually believe them when they say they will work with you, or others, to determine a solution, as quick as possible. And, that’s when it happens – that feeling of relief, that your IT problem is not insurmountable, and that your world will get back to normal. It’s a good feeling to have.

While we are not ones to “toot our own horns” we do pride ourselves on being able to bring that feeling of relief to our clients. They hire us for our Managed IT, Co-Managed IT and Cybersecurity strengths, but they appreciate (really appreciate) the customer service that we offer them. And, as a Managed Service Provider, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

But, rather than us going on and on about our focus on customer service, we thought we’d share a few comments and testimonials from clients. After all, they are the ones that make those phone calls, when necessary.

Appreciating Their Outsourced IT Team

Michael spent a lot of time helping me figure out the problem. He was kind and stayed positive and kept trying different solutions when something didn’t go right.

Taras provided me with great support for my work project, that included excel randomization. He was very helpful and instrumental to the success of my project. Thank you so much!

Consistent, efficient, educational, communicative, follow up. 100% professional. Thank you.

The staff takes the time, no matter how small, to address my concern. The staff seems to really understand the importance of the work we do, and how central technology is to all of our responsibilities. I appreciate the calm and clear attitudes toward problem solving. The staff I’ve encountered has been willing to have conversations, that may seem redundant, but actually inform my very limited understanding and appreciation of computers. I have the spirit of a “Luddite”.

Great customer service, always delivered with great smile

The biggest benefit for working with Intivix is Peace of Mind. I rest well at night knowing when I walk into the office the next day, our systems are fully operational, and our team will be productive and efficient.

Appreciating Our Managed IT and Co-Managed IT Services

Rob/Ed/Kyle, you guys rock! As always. You’ve impressed our new boss. You make us look good, and we’re so happy with our partnership – together for all these years.

Working with your team is really great. Steve, Kyle, and Audrey are supporting us really well through some tough issues. I feel like all of them have gone the extra mile to ensure our security.

The Team at Intivix have been incredible. From the moment we started working with them, we knew they were the right partners for us. Everyone from the leadership team and on down the tree are dedicated to making sure our organization runs smoothly, efficiently, and securely. Everyone is extremely knowledgeable and eager to help at any moment. Intivix is truly invested with their clients with a strategy mindset.

We would like to share our working relationship with Intivix and, especially, with Rob Schenk, with whom we have been doing business for almost 10 years.

That was just a sampling of the positive feedback that we’ve received from clients. If you’re interested in reading a few more, head over to the testimonials page on our website.

Why Good Customer Service?

At this point though, you may be asking one question. Why is there such a focus on good customer service; you’re an outsourced IT organization? It’s because we know. We know the strain that IT challenges can cause. We know you have things to deal with in your job that don’t include IT. And we know that assisting people, and helping them to understand that we are truly here to help them, makes them (and us) feel good. Managed IT, co-managed IT and cybersecurity is our passion. And we want to share that passion with our clients.

If you’re interested in our Managed IT, Co-Managed IT or Cybersecurity services, we encourage you to contact us. We’d love to chat, and learn more about your IT needs.