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Talk To Your Kids About Vaping – A Very Real Conversation

When you think of vaping, who do you think of? Adults? Think again. The average age of someone that vapes is 15-19, and even middle schoolers have begun vaping. It’s a scary truth – vaping has infiltrated our schools, and it doesn’t seem like it’s on its way out.

As a parent, we want to protect our kids and help them understand how bad vaping is, and the long-term dangers. But is our approach the right approach?

Brandi M, and her daughter Hayden, an 8th grader, sit down and have an honest, and very real conversation about vaping. They dig into when it starts, why kids may start vaping, and give tips on how parents can approach a conversation about vaping with their kids.

We strongly encourage you to check out the Talk To Your Kids About Vaping video, and have that important conversation with your kids.

And keep an eye on our Keeping Kids Safe playlist, because our vaping conversations aren’t over. Next time we’ll dig into common myths about vaping.