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Finding the right IT “fit” can be very challenging.  It’s even more challenging if your office works with both PC and Mac products.   Not all companies are equipped to handle both PC and Mac support and the challenges that can arise with integrating Apple hardware and software with PC and Microsoft applications.
Because, as you’re likely aware, PCs and Macs run on completely different operating systems, and many technical support specialists just aren’t familiar enough with the Apple product line to really be able to help.  Still, there are great companies out there who specialize in both PC and Mac support, and you’re ready to find the right partner for your business.
The first step to determining which IT support company is the right one for you is determining what services are important to you.  There are many technical services specialists, but not all of them can deliver precisely what you need.  If you’re going to invest your hard-earned money, you want to make sure that each penny spent makes an impact on your company’s productivity and efficiency.

What makes Intivix the first choice for Mac-based companies?

Let’s face it. There are a lot of support companies out there that say that they support Apple products.  Usually, what that means is that they have a cousin that has replaced an iPhone screen or two.
Intivix is different.
We have more than twenty years in the business, and we won’t offer a service that we can’t stand behind 100%.
If your business is heavily invested in Mac technology, the Intivix staff is the team you want by your side. We will work with you to get the most out of your Apple devices throughout their lifespan. But more than that, we will work closely with you in the stages of deployment, inventory, securing, and management of those devices as they are integrated and work within your network.
You will be able to be more productive and enjoy a more user-friendly environment as a result of our native Mac device management, exclusive patching capabilities, and third-party app integration.
To summarize our Mac management offering, we will care for your Apple products in a systematic and automated fashion so that everything is managed from a centralized platform and nothing is left to chance. This delivers optimal IT efficiency for your daily workflow.

Key Things to Look for In a Provider of PC and Mac Support

We live in the “do it yourself” age.  The wildly popular “For Dummies” series of books has taught millions of people how to tackle projects on their own at home.  But there are certain things that require an expert.  IT services for PC and Apple requires an IT services company with advanced training and knowledge of these two very different computing systems.

An Experienced PC and Mac Team

The Intivix team has over twenty years of experience working with multiple platforms including PC, Mac, and Linux.  Our certified engineers have the tools to provide proactive Apple and PC technical support and troubleshooting solutions.  Regardless of which system you use, we have the skills to help prevent roadblocks and ease the path to achieving your business objectives.
Perhaps best of all, Intivix can help you integrate your platforms for a seamless computing experience.  Intivix will simplify your IT infrastructure and enhance your collaborative company efforts.

Comprehensive Support Services for PC and Mac

Preventing problems is a critical component of any fully functioning technical system. However, the ideal PC and Mac support team also offers customized services to enhance your current level of functionality.
Among the Intivix PC and Mac support services are:

  • Network Integration
  • Network Planning and Design
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Integration with Windows Servers
  • Email Integration and Cloud-Based Email
  • Training, Troubleshooting, and Support Programs

24/7 Remote Access to Top Tier PC and Mac Support Solutions

In business, 90 percent of the battle for success is showing up.  A supported client is a satisfied client. It’s no different with IT services for PC and Apple.  You need to know that if something goes wrong, someone will be there at the moment you need them to fix the problem.  A lot of IT companies can handle PC issues with ease.  But when a Mac problem arises, they need to call in a specialist.  And finding a specialist takes time…the time you don’t have.
The Intivix staff delivers proactive PC and Mac support.  Our qualified team of professionals is there for you whenever you need them.  We realize that a halt in productivity equates to a financial loss, and we take that seriously.  We’re in this business to equip you for success, and we make it our specific mission to keep both your Apple and PC systems functioning optimally at all times.

Seamless Mac and Apple Systems Integration

Part of the challenge of operating in a multi-platformed office is simplifying the sharing of data and other collaborative work efforts.  Intivix will fold your PC and Apple acquisitions into one cohesive infrastructure.  By bringing Mac and PC systems together, you will increase employee efficiency  – buying back valuable time in a business day.
System integration doesn’t have to be painful!  We will walk your staff through the process of collaborating on these different platforms and provide the training they need going forward to operate their new simplified system.

Intivix is the leading PC and Mac support specialist team in the San Francisco Bay area.  We recognize the frustrations that businesses can have with utilizing the best of the Apple and PC worlds, but it doesn’t have to be painful!

Ready to get Apple and PC technical support that fits your company?  Contact Intivix now at (628) 867-6130 or [email protected] to find out about our IT services for PC and Apple.
We are ready to put our PC and Mac support skills to work for you!

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