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The Best Technology Support Team for Marketing in the San Francisco Bay Area

The benefits of  Digital marketing are hard to deny.  It’s cost effective and has the ability to reach a large audience through precise targeting.  Never before has it been so simple to get your message out!  Yet, the ins and outs of digital marketing aren’t as easy as they sound.  As with any job, having the right tools at your disposal is half the battle.  But even with the right tools in hand, are you really maximizing their potential?  Maybe it’s time to consider a partnership with a top tier IT support team for marketing to help you get the most out of your tools. Intivix provides IT solutions for marketing departments.

Much can be leveraged by taking advantage of professional technical support services for marketing technology.  The cloud has simplified work processes for those in the marketing industry.  The freedom and flexibility the cloud provides make you wonder how we ever lived without it!   But the cloud is simply another tool that when navigated on your own is likely to be underutilized.  Could you be even more efficient and productive than you already are with just a few simple changes?  It’s time to call a professional firm about IT solutions for marketing.

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Benefits of Hiring an IT Support Team for Marketing

You’re a busy person.   You pride yourself on coming up with the “big ideas” then translating them into stunning images and advertisements.  Technology is not your thing.  You need it to do your job, but you don’t really “get” the ins and outs of keeping it up to date and running properly.  You know that outsourcing your marketing IT to a technical support services company is definitely the way to go.  But do you really understand the benefits this simple step will reap for you?  And how do you find the right tech support fit for your business?

Here is a list of reasons why partnering with an IT support team for marketing is a great idea.

  • IT Expertise Specifically for the Marketing Industry: Often businesses have to hire a generalist–someone who wears many hats within a company.  While it is wonderful to find such a “jack of all trades,” what it means for you is that you have someone who can devote a little bit of himself to a lot of things instead of all of himself to one singular task.  No matter how great this person is at their job, they don’t have the time or skill to really shine at all of them.When you outsource your marketing IT to a technical support services company like Intivix, you are hiring a specialist.  By partnering with a quality team like Intivix, you have a dedicated professional IT team with a singular focus—perfecting your marketing technology needs.But more than that, with Intivix, you are hiring a team with years of experience in your field.  We “get” IT for marketing, and we have in-depth knowledge of the tools you need to succeed.
  • Reduced Cost: Difficult as it is to believe, you can SAVE money by outsourcing your IT support for marketing.  Many top-tier companies with IT solutions for marketing allow you to make use of their services on a part-time or casual basis.  Just need someone for a few hours a week or a couple of days a month?  No problem.  Intivix allows you to customize the amount of support you need.  This gives you savings when compared to the cost of hiring an in-house IT professional to manage your IT services on a daily basis.  You get the same great help but without the added full-time expense on your payroll.  An independent contractor on your team can maximize the bang for your buck!
  • Affordable, Flat Rate Monthly Fees: Many companies love the idea of hiring a technical support services company to handle their IT for digital marketing, but they worry about the cost.  After all, something like that has to be expensive, right?  Not necessarily.

Intivix, your leading IT support team for marketing in the San Francisco area, will custom design the IT plan you need to fit the budget you can afford.  Best of all, with Intivix, there are no surprise bills.  We handle it all for you and at a flat rate fee that you can afford.

What Services can IT Support Team focus on helping Marketing Departments Offer?

So, you can see that partnering with Intivix for your marketing needs is the way to go.  But how do you find the right partner?

Take a look at some services a top quality IT firm like Intivix can offer you:

  • Cloud Servers, Hosting, and Private Cloud
  • Office 365 and Google for Work
  • Security and Auditing
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Planning
  • Single Sign-On
  • Network Design
  • Network Support
  • Mobile and Tablet Support
  • PC and Mac Support
  • MyWorkDrive

Ready to get started?  Intivix has the cutting-edge IT solutions for marketing and is ready to get to work for you.

Contact the Intivix expert team now at (415)-549-9681 or [email protected] to discuss your IT plan for marketing.

Intivix is the leading IT support team for marketing serving San Francisco and the surrounding area.